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Kropa Iron Forging Museum

Iron Forging Museum

The history of iron forging particularly comes to life through numerous models which will be set in motion just for you.


The music cabinet in the museum
Technical heritage in the museum
A collection of hand forged nails

A demonstration of the working of iron, from iron ore to nails. The centuries-old tradition of iron forging in Kropa and neighbouring Kamna Gorica is gathered in the imposing Klinar's House (Klinarjeva hiša) in the middle of the village square – the first technical museum in Slovenia. In addition to technical-historical displays of hand forging, the museum also presents the way of life in Kropa and its surroundings. The museum has an exhibition of artistic wrought ironwork which was produced by the Kropa master blacksmith Joža Bertoncelj.


Klinar's House, which is home to the Iron Forging Museum, is a typical ironworks building from the end of the 18th century. In the former drawing room there is a baroque preserved wooden coffered ceiling with three oil paintings. On the ground floor there is a small gift shop and a projection room, whilst the museum's exhibits are on the first and second floors.



The history of iron forging is enriched by models that show Kropa in the 19th century, the workings of the foundries, the blacksmiths water-driven bellows and Vigenjc – a typical foundry for the production of nails. The main product produced by Kropa's blacksmiths were nails. There is a room dedicated to them in the museum where there are 94 various shapes and sizes of nails on display. The ethnological collection shows the every day life of blacksmiths' families.


In the museum during summer there are also occasional exhibitions on the theme of Kropa and its surroundings. In the projection room you can watch two documentary films from the 1950s about Kropa's blacksmiths and carol singers. Every Tuesday in July and August visits to the Vigenj Vice foundry are available.



Upon prior arrangement guided tours are available for groups in Slovenian, German or English. Guided tours for groups are also available, upon prior arrangement, to the preserved Vigenjc Vice foundry in Kropa where blacksmiths will demonstrate the art of hand forging nails.


Kropa 10, Kropa
T: +386 (0)4 533 72 00 or +386 (0)4 533 72 01
Radovljica Municipality Museums:



January, February



March, April, November and December 






  • Children: 2.00 €
  • Adults: 4.00 €
  • Family ticket: 8.00 €
  • Retirees, students: 3.00 €

Museum + Vigenjc Vice Foundry (only for pre-booked groups and Tuesdays in July and August)

  • Children: 3.00 €
  • Adults: 5.00 €
  • Families: 11.00 €
  • Retirees, students: 4.00 €

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