Fovšaritnica Museum House in Kropa

Fovšaritnica Museum House

One of the best preserved ironworkers houses in Kropa can be visited by prior arrangement.

A typical living area of a blacksmith in the Fovšaritnica Museum House
A drama sketch in front of the Fovšaritnica Museum House performed in local dialect

This typical house where ironworkers and blacksmiths once worked is one of the best preserved houses in Kropa. The interior of the Fovšaritnica Museum House attests to the life of families in Kropa in the past.


The ground floor was originally home to ironworking families, whilst on the first floor and the two attic levels blacksmith families lived packed closely together. The original floorplan, with five living areas has been preserved.


Today the owner of the house lives on the ground floor, whilst the upper floors contain an enthusiasts collection of ethnological museum items that show the life of families in Kropa during and after the time of the ironworks.



The multi-level house next to Kropa's central square got its name from 'fovšija' (envy). During the times of the ironworks, as was the case in the majority of ironworkers houses, multiple families lived in the house. According to local tales, there were once 72 people living in the Fovšaritnica house at the same time. In Kropa's rented accommodation kitchens were substituted by a group hallway where there were several fireplaces. Since all the housewives cooked there, they could easily see what others had in their pots and the contents were probably often the subject of 'fovšija' – envy.


M: +386 (0)41 849 941



The house and museum collections are on view from April to November by prior arrangement.



2 € per person



A drama sketch in local dialect, tasting of traditional Kropa food, workshops.



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