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Where to with kids? The Chocolate Festival!

Written by Rebecca Svetina


If you’re anywhere near Radovljica on April 15th-16th  this year  you can indulge your inner child and your own children at the Radovljica Chocolate Festival, where you’ll find chocolate fountains and other gooey delights. It’s an indulgence of all your senses. It’s like a ginormous outdoor chocolate factory with the sweet scent of chocolate permeating through the whole town all weekend.

My great uncle owned a chocolate factory, and one of my favorite childhood memories was dipping my finger in one of those giant vats of chocolate – watching curtains of chocolate enrobe more chocolate and eat candy fresh off the conveyor belt.


visiting the festival with kids

The Radovljica Chocolate Festival is every kid’s dream come true with, not only all the chocolate they could ever eat, but also entertainment for all ages.  Bikes, cars, trains, clowns, concerts, face painting, cooking shows – last time my toddler got stuck by the vintage cars before we could even taste some chocolate. The Radovljica Chocolate Festival seems to get bigger and bigger every year. This year you will have the chance to sweeten and have fun at three locations: town park, Linhart square and Radovljica manor. 


lots of activities

Don’t worry about your kids eating too much sugar – there are plenty of activities to burn that energy! Some events are all day every day such as chocolate workshops, face painting, pumptrack (for bikes and scooters),  dance animation and sports corner, and many  more. Other events are scheduled at specific times such as the cooking workshops, chocolate experiments, circus performances, dance performances and music concerts. This chocolate festival does not have Oompa Loompas, but even better are the circus acts by Čupakabar and Cizamo Theater. It’s best to check the festival program to not miss out.



  • You won’t need a golden ticket for this chocolate festival, but you only need to buy entrance ticket (5,00eur, at the entry point) and vouchers (available at several tents, check the map for food coupons) to exchange for food and tastings.
  • Parking should not be an issue, since event parking has been organized and it's free.
  • Baby strollers and dogs are welcome, but Linhart Square can get very crowded, so we usually put the baby in the Ergo carrier and leave our dog at home when we plan on attending events in old town.

Thank goodness this festival is 2 days long, because your eyes will be bigger than your stomach! Radovljica is already a sweet town, but in April it’s arguably the sweetest town around.

See you there !


Have a look at my video from one of the festivals:


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