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Chocolate Weekend Escape

Make the most of the pleasant April temperatures and the Radovljica Chocolate Festival to visit Radovljica, where you will discover why it's not only the sweetest town in Slovenia but also one of the loveliest.

There are numerous reasons to visit Radovljica, but the one that has crowned it with the title 'the sweetest town in Slovenia' takes place in April. This year's Radovljica Chocolate Festival takes place on the weekend of 20th and 21st April. We invite you to take advantage of the pleasant April temperatures to visit Radovljica, where you will discover why it's not only the sweetest town in Slovenia but also one of the loveliest.


During the Chocolate Festival, Radovljica becomes a real chocolate town.


We suggest you visit for the entire weekend, so you have a chance to see the best that the Radol'ca area has to offer.


transport and accommodation


Take a look at the range of accommodation and make a reservation. You can also opt for one of the Chocolate Weekend Packages, which some accommodation providers have put together for the festival weekend. Before setting off, check out the discounted and simple ways of reaching Radovljica by public transport. The town is easily accessible by public transport, and the railway and bus stations are just a few metres from the festival venues.


Take a look at the range of Chocolate Weekend Packages and choose one to suit you



After work, relax and make your way towards Radovljica. After arriving and getting settled in, you can visit one of Radovljica's excellent restaurants, the best of which are united within Taste Radol'ca. Enjoy a meal characteristic of the Radol'ca area, prepared by one of Radovljica's acclaimed chefs using the finest fresh, seasonal, local ingredients.


Taste Radol'ca restaurants offer the freshest, local flavours




A day of, and for, CHOCOLATE and entertainment, a day for the biggest and sweetest chocolate event in Slovenia. If you intend to arrive at the festival by car, don't worry. There are a number of free car parks, the furthest of which is just 600 metres (5 minutes on foot) from the festival venue, to which you will be directed by traffic wardens. Tickets for the event, which cost EUR 5, as well as tasting coupons, will be available to purchase at the official entrance in Radovljica Park. Entrance is free of charge for children up to the age of 18. The tasting of chocolate and a whole host of entertainment will take place in three locations: Radovljica Park, Linhart Square and Radovljica Manor.


The Radovljica Chocolate Festival is the biggest of its kind in Slovenia


The Radovljica Chocolate Festival really is something special! There's ample chocolate, activities and offers for both days, so take your time, don't rush from one place to the next, enjoy the goings-on and explore all the options, as you are bound to find your favourite chocolate flavour combination or experience.


A wide range of excellent chocolate products and exceptional flavours every which way you look


Every year, in addition to the pleasant atmosphere of the festival, the programme features new entertainment and events, which are popular among everyone – the young, the old and, of course, all chocoholics! The festival is especially appealing to children, who, due to all the lively entertainment (children's workshops, dance performances, outdoor games, face painting, circus performers and other entertainment acts), often even forget about the chocolate!






After recharging your batteries (with chocolate!) on Saturday, we suggest that you make the most of Sunday morning by going for a walk on one of the theme trails in the surroundings or hike up to one of the viewpoints. The photos below are sure to provide you with some inspiration. Click here to find details of the various trails. But don't forget, that there will also be plenty of chocolate-related goings-on on Sunday. Check out the programme and plan an unforgettable weekend get-away.


From Radovljica on foot  to Lipnica Castle




The view from St. Peter's church. The trail that leads up from the Krpin recreation area via the children's trim trail is ideal for families.



On foot from Radovljica over the Fux footbridge to the Zijavka viewpoint above Kamna Gorica


See you in Radovljica on 20th and 21st April!




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