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Radovlijca becomes a real 'chocolate town' during the town's 'sweetest' festival!

Spend a 'sweet' weekend in the heart of the Gorenjska region. In addition to an abundance of chocolate, you will find an excellent accompanying entertainment programme, great local food, and wonderful surroundings that offer countless opportunities for active pursuits.

THE FOLLOWING AWAITS BETWEEN 15th and 16th April 2023 in Radovljica:

2 day Chocolate Festival 

vast choice of pralines, chocolates, desserts and other chocolate delights, 

packed accompanying entertainment programme,

top concertschildren's entertainmentcreative workshops and much more.

street food and local menus at Taste Radol'ca restaurants

Cultural heritage sites, walking paths and atractive experiences in nature




Make the most of your stay in Radovljica by getting active outdoors.


Short ascent with great views

This short but rather steep ascent rewards the hiker with unforgettable views of Radovljica area, Bled and Mt Triglav.

Fun for all the family

A social experience with a view. Play mini golf with your children then allow them to pan for gold!

Views of the Julian Alps and mountain pastures of the Jelovica Plateau.

The most popular hiking trail in the Radol'ca area is undoubtedly the one that leads to the famous Roblekov dom mountain hut. In addition to 'Roblek', you can also hike to Dobrča, the Vodiška planina mountain pasture, Talež, Jamnik and on a network of other trails.

Along fishing trails by the Sava river

A pleasant, interactive walking trail follows the Sava river and its rich diversity.

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