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Why is the Radovljica Chocolate Festival the only real chocolate festival in Slovenia?

Written by Kaja Beton, March 2019


For some time its been well-known that the Radovljica Chocolate Festival is the biggest and best chocolate-related event in Slovenia. However, we also believe that, in reality, it's also the only real festival of its kind in the country. Why?

...because it's not just a chocolate fair

A chocolate fair is one thing but the Chocolate Festival is something entirely different. In reality, the fair featuring chocolates and chocolate desserts is just part of the Chocolate Festival. You can taste the diversity of a wide range of chocolates, discover new flavours – including an entirely new type of chocolate this year – and meet chocolatiers and dessert masters. All this takes place in Radovljica through the use of tasting coupons, which ensure that the 'hunt' for the sweetest morsels is simple and fun.



But that's not all - you can experience even more at the Radovljica Chocolate Festival. For example, have a go at chocolate bingo, watch a chocolate fashion show, or make your own bar of chocolate. You can meet the chocolate queen or lounge on a really special chocolate sofa. And don't forget, our festival also has its own winner – the best festival praline!


...because it is held over three days

The Radovljica Chocolate Festival is the only chocolate event in Slovenia that is held over three days. From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening the whole town is marked by chocolate. This year the festival will even kick off two hour's earlier than in previous years – at 1pm. So, you can treat yourself to chocolate before, or even instead of, lunch!


...because it takes place outdoors and in multiple locations

Not only is it the longest lasting festival of its kind in Slovenia but the Radovljica Chocolate Festival also has the most locations – a total of eight! And with just 800 metres between the first and last locations, visitors also get to enjoy a pleasant walk through Radovljica from Vurnik Square (Vurnikov trg) to the medieval old town centre. With its grand Radovljica Manor and attractive square in front of the church, the old town centre is an eminent location that gives the festival addditional spirit and makes it unique.

Radovljiška graščina


Although the chocolate fair and many of the other activities and entertainment venues are in marquees to protect them from the sun and rain, the outdoor feel of the festival creates an exceptional atmosphere where visitors can linger and soak up the views of the Karavanke mountains while enjoying the unique beat of the festival.


Festival čokolade v parku


...because no less than 11 concerts will take place

Yes, you read it correctly – 11 concerts! And all of them are free! Even some music festivals would struggle to complete with that number let alone with such a culinary festival. Here are just some of the big name acts that feature in the festival line up: Zmelkoow, the Sašo Avsenik Ensemble, Nipke, and Help! A Beatles Tribute Band. For all the others, which come from various parts of Slovenia, take a look at the programme on the festival website.

In addition to concerts, this year we are also preparing a great programme and events and entertainment for children: circus workshops and animation, cookery and creative workshops, and workshops with the House of Experiments, sports and more!

Festival čokolade, koncert na odru


...because we ensure a 5-star experience

The Radovljica Chocolate Festival is a 5-star experience. It provides something for all the senses, leaves an impression and creates pleasant memories. Therefore we want you to take your time to enjoy it. Don't rush between the various locations, take time to enjoy the goings-on and the atmosphere. Visit every corner because, perhaps, just perhaps, it could be that the last one you visit is where you find your favourite combination of chocolate or experience!

Rest for a while in the park, where you can listen to live music or watch circus acts, order some Taste Radol'ca street food, take a seat and enjoy a coffee in Linhart Square, or treat yourself to a glass of beer in the square in front of the church. There's no need to rush anywhere since there are ample activities and entertainment to last the whole day.Vzemite si čas za Festival čokolade


And last but not least, the Radovljica Chocolate Festival doesn't begin at the first stall, rather at the first waymarker or marshall directing visitors to the free parking areas. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Radovljica adapts to the needs of the festival, as do the town's residents, who we are delighted to have on our side and we respect that. Thank you for being part of the story and we looking forward to seeing you at the 8th Chocolate Festival when Radovljica will become the 'sweetest' town in the world!

Festival čokolade

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