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Naziv vsebine

27.05.2018 11:00
Radovljica Mansion, May-June
29.05.2018 10:00
03.06.2018 09:00
LInhartov trg, Radovljica
07.07.2018 10:00



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Urban Magušar
The record for the 'Catalogue of Slovenian Clay' project

Under the guidance of its owner, Urban Magušar, Magušar's House has become a centre of pottery.


Written by Urban Magušar, May 2018

A new exhibition, guided trips, and honey souvenirs

Radol'ca joins in the celebrations for the first World Bee Day with events and new souvenirs.

Museum of Apiculure, Radovljica, to February 2019

An exhibition about why the birth date of the Slovenian beekeeper Anton Janša has become World Bee Day.

Temporary Exhibition in Magušar House


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