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Medieval Market in Radovljica

30.07.2023 10:00

An annual event during which Radovljica’s Linhart Square is transformed into a marketplace from times long forgotten.

Craftsmen from the length and breadth of Slovenia ensure there is a diverse range of products on offer at the fair and perform trade demonstrations, and the varied programme of events creates a lively atmosphere. This full-day event (10am-7pm) is organised annually, and is held on the last Sunday in July.


In the medieval market, there is a rich selection of traditional Slovene craft products on offer. These include delicious homemade pastries and biscuits, unique ceramics and wood carvings, dried flowers, lace, painted beehive panels, gingerbread, and Slovene farm produce. 


Apart from the fair, there are a number of other activities taking place throughout the day which are of interest to locals and tourists alike. These include a noblemen and cavalrymen parade, a jousting and archery tournament, theatre and street theatre performances, the sampling of medieval cuisine, and demonstrations of ancient trades.


The Path of Venus is the opening event of the Radovljica Festival, the traditional early music festival.


Sunday 31st July from 10:00am-7:00pm


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