The Radovljica Festival

16.08.2021 20:00

Lovers of early music have been enjoying the Radovlijca Festival for 35 years. In addition to concerts, music workshops also take place.

A concert of the Radovljica Festival in the Baroque Hall of the Radovljica Mansion

Why visit?


  • Every year the festival offers an impressive, high-quality and diverse programme.
  • Top musicians from all over the world perform at the festival.
  • The festival takes place in the wonderful ambience of the Radovljica Mansion and St. Peter's church.
  • A special festival bus runs from Kranj and Ljubljana.
  • It is the oldest early music festival in Slovenia.
  • Music workshops are run by well-known musicians.


The Radovljica Festival has been running since 1982 and takes place annually in August. Ten concerts by various performers of early music take place.


The festival is shaped by its quality music as the programmes and performers are carefully selected. Top musicians from all over the world perform. Although the festival is loyal to early music, the programme also includes contemporary performances and theatre and dance. The programme also includes reconstructions of music from the period prior to the beginning of musical notation, to the music of the 21st century and newer works.


In Radovljica, concerts take place in the Radovljica Mansion and St. Peter's church. Every year the festival also hosts one performance in the Church of the Annunciation in Velesovo, Cerklje.


During the festival, workshops with well-known musicians take place in the Radovljica Mansion


The 39th Radovljica Festival will take place between 6 and 22 August 2021. There will be 10 concerts, taking place in Radovljica church, Radovljica Manor and in the church in Velesovo. The concerts feature musical heritage from the 6th to 19th century. 


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Summer is the time for events, concerts, open-air cinema and Taste Radol'ca Open Kitchen!

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