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Summer guided tours

Throughout July and August you can join FREE guided tours, which are organised by the Radovljica and Begunje tourist information centres and local tourist associations. Guided tours of Radovljica take place every Tuesday and, upon prior arrangement, are also available throughout the rest of the year.

Guided tours in 2022: July and August


  • Every Tuesday and Sunday at 10am: guided tour of Radovljica
    Meeting point: Radovljica Tourist Information Centre
    Duration: 1.5 hours


  • Every Tuesday at 10am: guided tour of the old village centre of Kropa
    Meeting point: TD Kropa, (by the water reservoir)
    Duration: 1 hour


  • Every Wednesday at 10am:  guided tour of the village of Mošnje and the Villa Rustica
    Meeting point: in front of the Mošnje Ethnological Museum
    Duration: 1,5 hours


  • Every Wednesday at 4.30pm: guided hike from Radovljica to Kamna Gorica including a tour of the village centre and a visit to the Sextons' Museum House 
    Meeting point: Radovljica Tourist Information Centre
    Duration: 3 hours (one-way); return to Radovljica is also possible by public transport


  • Every Thursday at 4pm: guided tour of Kamen Castle
    Meeting point: in front of the castle ruins
    Duration: 1 hour 


All the free guided tours are intended for individual visitors (i.e. those travelling independently rather than on an organised group tour). Guided tours for groups must be arranged in advance by contacting the tourist information centres in Radovljica or Begunje na Gorenjskem.


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