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Circular hiking to popular spots near Radovljica

There are several very popular hiking and excursion destinations in the surroundings of Radovljica: great views at Jamnik, St. Peter's, Talež, pilgrimage Brezje and cosmopolitan Bled. Why not visit them in a different way – on a circular hiking trip!

Radovljica is an excellent destination for a hiking holiday, despite the fact there are only a few 2,000-metre-high mountains and high alpine tours. Here you can set off on hiking tours of various lengths and difficulties and visit wonderful vantage points, interesting towns and villages, or conquer the surroundings summits.


For this year's summer we have put together 5 suggested circular hiking routes that lead to popular excursion destinations and vantage points. Three routes lead to the most well-known views in the area, while two are excursion places of global fame. Locals from Radovljica also love to hike and some of these routes are on our regular list of favourites. Therefore, now it's time for you to hike them too! Since the routes aren't marked on the ground throughout, GPX tracking is available, and all the routes can also be found on the OutdoorActive app.


Although the majority of the popular excursion destinations in the surroundings of Radovljica and Bled are easily and quickly accessible, we recommend that you take your time and don't just visit them by taking the shortest route. Instead hike up to Talež, Jamnik, St. Peter's church on circular routes through wonderful nature and quaint villages. Take your time and discover beautiful unspoilt nature, circular hikes, pristine villages and opportunities to enjoy gourmet cuisine.


Here are our five suggestions:


1. From Kropa to Jamnik

Jamnik, with its church of St. Primus and Felician, attracts visitors and photographers from far and wide due to its exceptional views. Our suggested circular route begins in the picturesque market centre of Kropa, from where you set off through the forest towards Jamnik. From the grassy ridge there are exceptional views of the whole of Gorenjska. From Jamnik you will then descend to the villages above Podnart – first Rovte and then Češnjica pri Kropi, where you are greeted by the idyllic Gorenjska countryside – before again returning to the forest and hiking up to the 'Kugla' pass, from where you descend back to Kropa.


2. Circular route to Brezje

The circular route that connects Radovljica and Brezje is a varied walk through the countryside, through forests and villages and past beautiful viewpoints. You can start the route in Radovljica, or you can choose Brezje, Kamna Gorica or Mošnje as your starting point. The entire circular route combines parts of popular theme routes in the vicinity of Radovljica. From Radovljica, the path leads across the Sava river towards Kamna Gorica and then past the lookout Ojstra peč vantage point to Srednja Dobrava, down to Otoče and along the Otoče - Brezje Pilgrimage Path to Brezje. From Brezje, you return to Radovljica along the long-distance St. Jacob's path through Mošnje.



3. From Radovljica to Talež

The Hunters' Lodge on Talez is a popular vantage point on the Jelovica plateau. We have combined a hike to the lodge with trails in the surroundings of Radovljica. Along the way you won't only experience wonderful views of Bled and the surrounding countryside, but you will also walk alongside our rivers: the Sava, the Sava Dolinka, and the Sava Bohinjka. The route begins in Radovljica from where it descends to the Sava river valley. There, from the village of Lancovo, begin to ascend through the forest onto the Jelovica plateau. On reaching the Hunters' Lodge at Talež take your time to soak up the views, before descending down to the Sava Bohinjka river, which you cross and then on the other side walk through the scenic 'v Svetju' meadows to the Sobec camp. On the way through the camp you can take a refreshing dip in the natural pool, then return to Radovljica along part of the Sava River Trail.



4. Smokuški vrh through the Blatnica valley

Smokuški vrh is a fantastic vantage point above the better known and very popular St. Peter's church. It is the highest and the most 'mountain-like' of the routes covered here. We suggest taking a circular route from Begunje na Gorenjskem to reach the top. It leads from the Krpin recreation centre through the Blatnica valley up to the Kališča pass and onwards to Smokuški vrh (also known as Vrh peči). The return route leads past the Sankaška koča hut and the renowned ridge with St. Peter's church back to the Krpin recreation centre.



5. On foot to Bled (and up to straža)

From Radovljica you can walk to Bled along the 4th stage of the Juliana long-distance hiking trail, and to return we suggest a route through Ribno and alongside the Sava river. To ensure there is no shortage of great views and a conquered peak, we suggest hiking to the top of Straža in Bled from where there is an excellent view of Lake Bled and the Julian Alps to one side, and the Radovljica plain on the other.



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