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Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park, which is the only national park in Slovenia, is named after Slovenia's highest mountain. There are wonderful views of Mt. Triglav, which rises up right in the heart of the national park, from far and wide – including from Radovljica.

While staying in Radovljica, you can visit Triglav National Park, which extends over 8402 kilometres, in several directions. You can choose to start your discovery of the park in the Upper Sava valley, from Bohinj or on the Pokljuka plateau. The suggested start points are accessible within a 30 minute drive, while further information about hiking in the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park can be found on the Julian Alps website.



The Pokljuka plateau has numerous hiking trails with something to suit all ages and abilities. You can set off on longer tours in the high mountains or easier walks to alpine mountain pastures.

  • Radovljica/Lesce – Pokljuka (Rudno polje): 27km, 30 mins by car

The alpine village of Mojstrana, where the picturesque Vrata valley winds its way to the foothills of Slovenia's highest mountains, makes a great day trip from Radovljica. The Triglav Bistrica trail, which leads to the Peričnik waterfall, is a pleasant walk, which can also be extended to reach the Aljažev dom mountain hut at the head of the valley. Numerous summits, among them Mt. Triglav, are accessible from the Vrata valley.

  • Radovljica/Lesce – Mojstrana: 30km, 20 mins by car



The Bohinj area offers a wealth of trails in Triglav National Park. There are numerous places from where you can set off on foot to discover the park – Bohinjska Bistrica, the villages in the Upper Bohinj valley, Stara Fužina or Ukanc. During summer you can take advantage of free transport by using the park and ride transport system.
More about hiking in Bohinj can be found here.

  • Radovljica/Lesce – Bohinjska Bistrica: 27km, 25 minute drive
  • Radovljica/Lesce – Upper Bohinj valley: 29 km, 30 minute drive

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Mobile Julian Alps Card

Guests who stay in the municipality of Radovljca for a minimum of two nights at any of our partner accommodation providers will receive a FREE Julian Alps: Radovljica discount card.

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