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Juliana Trail 270/16

The trail, which runs along hills with magnificent views and through quaint villages on the edge of Triglav National Park, combines the natural and cultural heritage of the Julian Alps.

The 270 kilometre-long hiking trail does not lead to two-thousand metre-high mountain peaks, rather it offers wonderful views of such mountains and contact with local villages and the countryside. Hikers will learn about the rich cultural heritage, taste excellent cuisine, and along the way, have the chance to visit museums and/or take part in events.


In 16 days, which is the time needed to walk the entire trail, hikers have the chance to become acquainted with the Julian Alps and life today in the area. By crystal-clear rivers, lakes and waterfalls and on flowering meadows you will admire the biospheric diversity and get to meet locals. Along the way hikers will visit some of Slovenia's gems such as Bled, Bohinj Lake, the Soča river, and Radovljica, whilst remaining on less crowded paths that locals have been using for walks and hikes for a long time.


It is best to start the trail in Kranjska Gora and walk in a clockwise direction around the Julian Alps, however, hikers may choose where to start and end the trail based on their individual desires. The long-distance trail has been designed so that hikers can stay overnight in villages and small towns along the way, while the route – or part of it – can also be accessed by public transport.




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