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Taste Radol'ca 2019

10.10.2019 12:39

For the seventh year in a row, Taste Radol'ca restaurants invite diners to try their menus featuring exclusively local ingredients. This year there are two new restaurants and a few changes too!

Among the new features this year is a change in the line up of restaurants. Due to organisational changes on the one hand, and good ratings by culinary critics on the other, Joštov Hram and Restavracija Lambergh are no longer members of Taste Radol'ca, whilst Restavracija Center in Lesce is joining the fold. For the first time Taste Radol'ca is also opening up (slightly) further afield. Restavracija Tabor has been accepted as a 'guest' restaurant for this year's Month of Local Cuisine. Although it is actually located in the neighbouring municipality of Naklo, Restavracija Tabor is right on the border of Radol'ca, thus making it a perfect addition to Taste Radol'ca.


The other significant addition this year is supplier open days. On Fridays, Saturday and Sundays during the month of November you can visit some of the suppliers in the Radol'ca area where you will have an opportunity to taste their products. The following suppliers are taking part: the Sava Lesce Farm-Forest Co-op, the 18sedem3 farm shop, the Dolenc farm, and the Medeni darovi (Honey Gifts) shop. More information about the opening times will be available soon in our event calendar.


Local Taste Radol'ca November menus will be available from 26th October to 30th November at a price of €19. The theme of the menus this year, of course in addition to local ingredients, is the forest, which offers an abundance of ingredients that you will be able to enjoy in starters, main courses and desserts. Not only mushrooms and game but also other ingredients which are not often found in cuisine. The forest theme will already be part of the opening Taste Radol'ca event at Gostisce Draga, which will feature guest suppliers from the Karst region who will present wild Karst food on their stalls.


This year, for the first time, gift vouchers are available for Taste Radol'ca November menus. A prize game is taking place throughout November on social media, while during the same month the most faithful visitors to Taste Radol'ca restaurants will again have the opportunity to collect stamps and, in doing so, earn vouchers to attend the closing event and also participate in a prize draw.


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Taste Radol'ca

Local ingredients, the finest preparation and an unforgettable experience. Visit Radol'ca this October, where you can visit open days at local farms and take part in a guided culinary experience, while in November the best of Radol'ca's restaurants invite you to enjoy selected menus made using local ingredients.

24.09.2019 11:30
Taste Radol'ca 2019

Tickets for the Taste Radol'ca opening dinner, as well as gift vouchers for Taste Radol'ca meals, can now also be purchased online.

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