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Best Chocolate Praline 2024

Twelve chocolate pralines from six chocolatiers entered the contest to win the title of Best Chocolate Praline of the 2024 Radovljica Chocolate Festival.

As in previous years, this year we held a competition for the title of Best Chocolate Praline, in which six Slovenian chocolatiers entered 12 chocolate pralines. For the first time we held two rounds of judging; the first took place in Radovljica, where the master patissier Naser Gashi from La Ganash and the editor of the magazine Pet Zvezdic (Five Stars) Urša Cvilak tasted and assessed all 12 chocolate pralines. They chose the best six, which, on Monday 8th April, then went forward for judging in Austria at the Zotter chocolatier. The technologists Julia Zotter and Beate Hörzer at the famous chocolatier chose the winning three chocolate pralines.



The following chocolate pralines made it to the final round:

  • Poppy seed and raspberry (Rajska ptica)

  • Crunchy yuzu (Lucifer)

  • Tepka pear (TIC Vrhnika / Rajska ptica)

  • Salted Manila (Radolška čokolada)

  • Cheescake (Molinet)

  • Umami (Molinet)


The judges were impressed by the quality and interesting flavours. Among the best they selected Crunchy yuzu from the Lucifer chocolatier, which impressed the judges due to its appearance and flavour – a fusion of yuzu, cheesecake and hazelnut. The poppyseed and raspberry chocolate praline from the Rajska ptica (Bird of Paradise) chocolatier was praised by the judges due to its perfect shape, which allows all the natural ingredients to be seen (poppyseed, raspberry), and the flavours complement it perfectly (white chocolate ganache, poppy seed, raspberry puree). The tepka pear chocolate praline, which was entered into the competition by the Vrhnika Tourist Information Centre, in collaboration with the Rajska ptica chocolatier, impressed the judges with its refined flavour. It is made using excellent homemade pear brandy, while the prevailing flavours are dark chocolate and tepka pears.


After adding up the points, the winning three chocolate pralines were chosen as follows: 

1st place:  Crunchy yuzu (Lucifer chocolatier)

2nd place: Poppyseed and raspberry (Rajska ptica chocolatier)

3rd place: Tepka pear (Vrhnika Tourist Information Centre / Rajska ptica chocolatier)


All three of the best chocolate pralines will be available at a special place in Radovljica Manor where visitors to the 11th Radovljica Chocolate Festival will be able to taste them. In addition, visitors to the festival will be able to judge the chocolates for themselves as part of the People’s Chocolate Best Chocolate Praline prize competition.


 We extend our sincere congratulations to all the participating chocolatiers.

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