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Taste Radol'ca November menus

Local menus with dishes prepared using traceable ingredients.

The Month of Taste Radol'ca menus, which are usually three courses, are prepared using local and traceable ingredients. All the menus are the same set price, while at some restaurants and inns it is also possible to pay a supplement for additional courses.

The Month of Local Cuisine menus are available in November 2022.

The price is €26 per person for a three-course meal.



Hiša Linhart, Radovljica

Braised red onions with egg
Potatoes and pickled chanterelle mushrooms
Vegetable sauce, pumpkin seed oil and powder
Fillet of river trout
Cauliflower cream with pickled cauliflower
Pasta filled with red flint corn and mohant cheese
White fish sauce
Saddle of Krškopolje pork
Toasted curd cheese with turnip, bean stew
Clove and kale sauce
Autumn chocolate Radol'ca
(pumpkin, apple, buckwheat, white chocolate)

Suppliers: Ribogojnica Zupan (fish farm), kmetija Gogala Mrkot (farm), kmetija pri Odoljneku (farm)


Gostilna Avguštin, Radovljica

Creamy pumpkin soup
Venison, pumpkin štrukelj, cocoa beans, red wine sauce
Pear cake

Suppliers: Nimrod (game butchers), Doza Domač'ga (farm shop)


Amuse bouche
Sourdough breadstick with pears, bacon and kale pesto
Sourdough focaccia with beetroot tartare, carrots, horseradish, goat's cheese and lardo
Apple, vanilla cream with cider, buckwheat crumble

Supplier: 18sedem3 (local farm shop)


Gostilna pr'Tavčar, Begunje na Gorenjskem

Begunje pockets with homemade crackling or pesto 
Barley stew with porcini mushrooms from the Pokljuka plateau
Angus beef with Portuguese sauce and pumpkin štruklji
Trout with truffle mash and a tarragon sauce
Surprise in a glass
(sponge with raspberry and vanilla cream, William pear sorbet and honey) 

Suppliers: Kmetija Pr'Mrkot (farm), Dvorska vas; Kmetija Bršca (farm), Poljče; Stroj (farm), Mlaka; Kmetija Turk 1743 (farm), Podnart; Ribogojnica Zupan (fish farm), Nomenj; Čebelarstvo Luznar (beekeeping), Begunje na Gorenjskem


Gostišče Draga, Begunje na Gorenjskem

Red trout tartare with smoked potato cream, pumpkin seed oil and buckwheat grissini
Roasted pumpkin soup, scampi foam, homemade bruschetta
Fried pork stomach, beetroot mayonnaise, horseradish sauce with apple, sourdough-style buckwheat blini, sauerkraut
Wild boar, chocolate sauce with cranberries, spelt štrukelj, vegetables
Poached trout fillet, potatoes and vegetables, fish sauce
Supplement (optional): 
Chestnuts, chocolate, pumpkin

Suppliers: Kmetija Likozar (farm), Mesarija Mlinarič (butchers)


Curd cheese dumpling with toasted sesame seeds and pumpkin cream
Beetroot, celery and nutmeg soup with milk foam
Pork fillet baked in pastry with a wine sauce, carrot puree, cheese štrukelj, sprouts
Buckwheat štruklji with walnut ice-cream and honey crumble

Suppliers: Kmetija Bogataj (farm), Kmetija Likozar (farm), Kmetija Drinovec (farm), walnuts from the Tulipan garden, Ažman's honey , Mesarija Maver, Košenina Miro (butchers)


Restavracija Manu, Žirovnica

Local buckwheat butter
Smoked kohlrabi soup with dehydrated pears and fenugreek 
Chicken, chicken mlinčki, carrots, flatbread
Trout, pearl barley, mussels, hawthorn
Chestnuts, pumpkin, coffee

Suppliers: Domačija Galjot (poultry farm), Ribogojnica Goričar (fish farm)


Restavracija Tabor, Podbrezje

Amuse bouche
Toast with shrimps, horseradish and sea slug caviar
Shellfish, bacon and leek soup
Fillet of white fish, sweet wine and curry sauce, fennel jam, granola
Supplement (optional):
Hot starter:
Mediterranean scallop with beurre blanc sauce    EUR 8
Jerusalem artichoke, vanilla ice-cream, espresso, hazelnuts    EUR 7

Suppliers: Mlekarstvo Podjed (dairy), Kmetija Kristan (farm), Kmetija Likozar (farm), Mesarstvo Tišlr (butchers), Kmetija Jerala (farm), Kmetija Matijovc (farm)


Vila Podvin, Mošnje

Amuse bouche
Foamed smoked butter, beetroot cream
Second amuse bouche
Red flint corn, smoked trout, sour milk foam
Porcini mushroom soup, crispy porcini praline, cream of butternut squash, smoked cream foam
Braised slow cooked beef shank, demi-glace, autumn vegetables, pumpkin cream, potato pie
Sweet treat

Suppliers: Sirarstvo Pr'Hlebanju (cheesemakers), Kmetija Gogala-Mrkot (farm), Ribogojnica Okan (fish farm), Kmetija Pr'Šparovc (farm)

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