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Taste Radol'ca November menus

28.10.2023 00:00

Local menus with dishes prepared using traceable ingredients.

The Month of Taste Radol'ca menus, which are usually three courses, are prepared using local and traceable ingredients. All the menus are the same set price, while at some restaurants and inns it is also possible to pay a supplement for additional courses.

The Month of Local Cuisine menus are available in November 2023.

The price is €26 per person for a three-course meal.






Hiša Linhart, Radovljica

Amuse bouche
 Jesh flajš
Back beef (Mlinarič butchers) with organic autumn vegetables (Šlibar farm), quail’s egg and double-strength herb soup
Lamb stew dumpling
Dumpling filled with organic lamb (Vegerila farm), red flint corn (Mrkot farm), organic sheep milk cheese (Cuder dairy), carrots and savory sauce
Zupan’s river trout with Pokljuka mushrooms served with white beans, white fish sauce and kale
Chicken fillet (Vegerila Eco Farm) with potato pie, mohant cheese (Garnter Dairy Farm), chicken sauce and organic vegetables (Šlibar Farm)
Rum pot
Plums steeped in alcohol with organic millet (Šlibar Farm), pumpkin and honey (Kral Beekeeping), 

Suppliers: Šlibar Farm, Kral Beekeeping, Garnter Dairy Farm, Mrkot farm, Cuder dairy

Šmeks – Baffi, house of pizza, Radovljica

Homemade pumpkin soup


La Specaile: leek crème, mozzarella, pancetta, pumpkin seed pesto, beetroot crisps, pumpkin crème


Pumpkin tiramisu

Suppliers: Kocbek Oil Mill, Doza domačga local shop

Draga Inn, Begunje na Gorenjskem

Amuse bouche


Avocado ice-cream with Alpine prosciutto, Bled cheese, garlic mayonnaise and pickles


Fennel, chickpea and lime soup


Venison with a wine and cranberry reduction served with vegetables and buckwheat štruklji


Trout with beetroot, polenta with goats cheese and fish sauce

Optional extras (supplement payable):

Hot starter:

Ravioli with seafood, prawn sauce and truffles  (€8.60)

Chocolate ball, forest blueberries, hokaido squash ice-cream  (€8.60)

Suppliers: Likozar Farm, Podjed Dairly, Galjot Poultry Farm, Mlinarič Butchers, Goričar Fish Farm, Meglen Wild Game

Restavracija Šobec, Lesce


Fried Kalamata olives, cold cuts, bruschetta with curd cheese, capers and anchovies
Creamy corn cappuccino with cooked chestnuts, buckwheat popcorn and nasturtium
Ravioli with braised pork cheek served with a sweet Refošk sauce, prunes and chopped hazelnuts
Lava grilled beef medallion with a buckwheat and porcini mushroom dumpling, carrot crème, demi-glace reduction and beef crackling



Fried Kalamata olives, cold cuts, bruschetta with curd cheese, capers and anchovies
Creamy corn cappuccino with cooked chestnuts, buckwheat popcorn and nasturtium
Ravioli with Adriatic shrimps served with a Mediterranean herb sauce, pan-fried pine nuts and dill oil
Fillet of brook trout, fregola with dried tomatoes, goats cheese espuma, trout crisps


Optional extras (supplement payable):
Deconstructed apple strudel with walnut ice-cream, honey, yoghurt and cinnamon sauce, butter crumble  (€5,90)

Suppliers: Lisjak Oil Mill, Podjed Dairy, Mlinaric Butchers, Jernejc Fruit Growers, Zupan Fish Farm

Guesthouse Tulipan, Lesce

Homemade chicken paté with beetroot and pepper, served with toast and butter


Beef roll with prunes and a Blue Frankish sauce, served with a curd cheese štrukelj and julienne vegetables


Trout fillet with pea puree and roasted vegetables


Cinnamon mousse with crumble, caramel ice-cream and caramelised apples


Optional extras (supplement payable):

Soup (€4)

Suppliers: Ažman Farm – Predoslje, Bogataj Farm – Gorenja vas, Miro Košenina, Maver Butchers, Lesce Agriculture and Forestry Co-operative


Restavracija Tabor, Podbrezje

Amuse bouche


Home-smoked salmon on a kohlrabi salad with homemade sour cream


Prawn soup with croutons and garlic mayonnaise


Fillet of white fish served with couscous with roasted cauliflower and hazelnuts and a roasted red pepper and sesame sauce


Optional extras (supplement payable):

Hot starter

Meditteranean scallop on a parsley velouté with black truffle (€10)


Chocolate brownie with barley miso, served with vanilla ice-cream and walnut caramel  (€7)

Suppliers: Dolenc Farm, Golar Farm – Eva Škerjanec, Bluefin, Pr Šuštar Farm

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