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Free guided tours of Mošnje

27.07.2022 10:00

Take a tour of Mošnje accompanied by a local guide.

Free guided tours are avaliable every Thursday at 10:00am between 15th June and 15th September 2023. You will visit the vilage of Mošnje, including the museum and the Villa Rustica archaelogical site,


St. Andrews church, one of the oldest churches in Slovenia, stands in the centre of the village of Mošnje. It dates from Roman times, and its interior has beautifully preserved frescoes. Opposite the church is the Mošnje Ethnological Museum, which friendly locals are happy to open for visitors by prior arrangement. The museum's exhibits show the way of life and work in the past in the village.


Tours take place in English and Slovene.

Meeting location: Mošnje Ethnological Museum

Prior reservations are advised. Contact the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre (


Guided tours are intended for individual visitors.

Groups should contact the Begunje Tourist Information Centre to arrange guided tours, which are payable according to the current price list.


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