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Mošnje Archaeological Trail

Learn about the village of Mošnje and its archaeological site Villa Rustica on a short circular walk from the centre of the village to this site.

This short and easy walk takes the visitor from the hearth of a historic village Mošnje to the archaeological site at the far end of the village. Passing by the old school building (with sad memories of the second world war), you soon reach a very old and interesting church of St. Andrew. Literally just across the street,  the Mošnje Ethnological Museum welcomes you to learn about the  way of life and work in Mošnje in the past.

Passing by an interesting old sawmill and homesteads of Graben hamlet, the Mošnje Archaeological Trail brings you to the remarkable findings of Villa Rustica. Roman countryside villa dates back to the period between the first and fourth centuries, and it lay buried under deposits of soil until 2006. The remnants of the five stone-built farm and residential buildings, which once formed a single unit, as well as a number of artefacts, give a better picture of the life of the residents two millenniums ago. 


Start and finish: Mošnje's House of Culture
Length: 1,4 km
Total time: 30 min
Grade: easy hiking trail
Signs: waymarkers and information boards


Before you set off on your way, pick up a copy of the map of themed hiking trails in Radovljica and the surroundings, available at the Radovljica and Begunje Tourist Information Centres.


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