Chocolate Menus in Taste Radol'ca Restaurants

During the Chocolate Festival, selected Taste Radol'ca restaurants in Radovljica and Lesce will be offering special chocolate-themed menus.

Would you like to try chocolate in ways other than just as a dessert? Between 12th-14th April Gostilna Kunstelj, Gostilna Lectar and Gostišče Tulipan will be offering special chocolate-themed menus.


The special menus are available from 12th-14th April at a price of €18 per person.


Gorenjska cesta 9, Radovljica
T: 04 531 51 78

Homemade pate and butter wiith dried figs
Celery soup with profiterole
Chicken with tarragon, mlinci (shredded flatbread) and red cabbage
Chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet


Linhartov trg 2, Radovljica
T: 04 537 48 00

Buckwheat krap (filled ravioli) with chocolate sauce
Tarragon štruklji (light pastry rolled and filled with curd cheese) with strawberries and white chocolate
Žlikrofi (mini dumplings filled with potato and bacon) with goulash and chocolate pear
Linhartov cukr – original house dessert made according to historical sources from Radovljica


Alpska cesta 8, Lesce
T: 04 537 88 00


Asparagus soup
Wild boar on honeyed pear in chocolate sauce
Curd cheese štrukelj (light rolled and filled pastry), grilled vegetables, bread souffle
Dark chocolate mousse with a pear centre and walnut sponge


Enjoy your meal!


Take a photo of the forest and win a free Taste Radol'ca meal!



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Take a photo of the forest and win a free Taste Radol'ca meal!
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