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Peter's Trail Kamna Gorica

Short walk across the enchanting riverside meadows and forests leads you towards the remnants of the former iron foundries in Lipnica valley.

Peter's Trail is an homage to Peter Novak (1846-1910),  a former lecturer of Latin language on Wiena University born in Kamna Gorica. After the retirement he returned to his birth village where build and repaired many of the old trails in vicinity of Kamna Gorica.

Peter's Trail connects the village Kamna Gorica with the road towards Zgornja Dobrava and Stane Žagar primary school in Lipnica. A stroll down the Peter's Trail introduces us to the ecosystems of the riverside meadows and forests alongside the Lipnica stream and give us a short inside in the history of the former iron foundries and blacksmiths traditions.



You can easily find the trailhead by the restaurant Mlin at the lower end of Kamna Gorica. Follow the drive way alongside the restaurant garden which leads towards a private house. Reaching the house, turn left and walk across a small concrete bridge that leads you to the meadows near the Lipnica stream. Follow the footpath that leads on the edge of the meadow, partly shaded by the trees of a forest above. The trail approaches the stream and leads further down through the riverside forest. When the trail reaches a riverside meadow again, you will be able to recognize an isolated house on the other side of the river. The Skirar's homestead stands on the remnants of the lower Kamna Gorica iron foundry, later it was converted into a blacksmitsh shop manufacturing axes and other farming tools. To the right hand side of the building a water reservoir of the foundry can still be seen, the giant foundry hammer named "Norec" ("The mad man") can also still be seen. The path leads us further across the meadows and ends near an isolated house and a road bridge.

You can return to the trailhead by retracing your steps, or you could (substantialy) prolong the hike by ascending up the road to the village Zgornja Dobrava. Turn left in the junction in the middle of the village and follow a forest road leading through the forest on the top of the ridge. Reaching Ojstra Peč viewpoint follow the Kamna Gorica scenic trail back to the Kamna Gorica.


Start point: restaurant Mlin Kamna Gorica
Length: 0,8km
Duration: 0,30h

Highest point: 481m

Lowest point: 452m 
Difficult level: easy walking trail




Before you set off on your way, pick up a copy of the map of themed hiking trails in Radovljica and the surroundings, available at the Radovljica and Begunje Tourist Information Centres.


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