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Vila Podvin Retains Its Michelin Star

24.09.2021 09:54

For the second year in a row Michelin, the most prestigious gastronomic guide, has awarded Vila Podvin with a Michelin Star. It also received a Green Star for its commitment to sustainability.

Michelin is distinguished by its tradition and assessment criteria. According to its criteria, only a few restaurants around the world receive the most prestigious three star award. For the second year in a row, Hiša Franko in Kobarid with its head chef Ana Roš received two Michelin Stars, while six other Slovenian restaurants were awarded one Star. Among them, and the only in the Gorenjska region, was Vila Podvin, while the other five were Restavracija Dam (Nova Gorica), Gostišče Grič (Šentjošt nad Horjulom), Gostilna pri Lojzetu (Vipava), Hiša Denk (Zgornja Kungota) and Restavracija Atelje (Ljubljana.


In addition to a Michelin Star, Vila Podvin was also awarded a Green Star, which is awarded for commitment to preserving the environment and ingenuity in the use of sustainable practice in every day work.


Both these awards mark exceptional success for Vila Podvin and its head chef Uroš Štefelin, which by retaining its Star and acquiring an additional sustainable award, has once again proven that the restaurant belongs among the crème of international cuisine.


The second edition of Michelin's culinary guide to Slovenia includes a total of 53 restaurants. In addition to the receipients of Michelin Stars, the guide includes restaurants with the Bib Gourmand (a good relationship between price and quality) and Michelin Plate (fresh ingredients, carefully prepared, and a good meal).

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