Film about Luznar Beekeeping from Begunje

22.10.2019 11:22

This spring the well-known German-French production house ARTE shot a documentary film titled 'Slovenia – The Land of Honey', in which the young beekeeper Erik Luznar from Begunje stars and presents Slovenian beekeeping.

In the film titled 'Slovenia – A Land of Honey' (Slowenien Land des Honigs) the young beekeeper demonstrates traditional and modern methods of Slovenian beekeeping. Erik Luznar speaks about his own decision to become a professional beekeeper, learning about beekeeping from his father Janez and, above all, about his battle for the survival of his families of bees in the exceptionally cold and wet spring of 2019. In addition to Erik and Janez Luznar, other Sloveian beekeepers took part, together with the teacher of apiculture Brane Kozinc and Anja Bunderla, who paints beehive frontal panels.


ARTE TV is known for its exceptionally high quality documentary films and cultural programmes. The documentary film, which was shot entirely in German, was directed by Therese Engels. The Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture also actively cooperated in the preparation of the film, which was shot in various locations throughout Slovenia: Begunje, Radovljica, Radovna, Gorje, Nova Gorica and Ilirska Bistrica. The experienced cameraman Oliver Gurr was behind the camera, sound was provided by Michael Liss, while the shots from above were contributed by the local Jani Kolman.


The premiere screening of the 44-minute film will air on Saturday 26th October at 6.20pm on ARTE TV. The channel is available on the extended programme scheme ARTE TV. On 15th november, we will show the movie at Lesce Beekeeping Centre.

Schedule for film on ARTE TV


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