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Radovljica is Part of the Julian Alps Hiking Trail

01.10.2018 14:05

The Julian Alps Association, of which the tourist destination of Radol'ca is also a member, is in the process of putting together a long-distance hiking trail. Part of the trail leads through the Municipality of Radovljica.

The Julian Alps Hiking Trail will be a circular trail that will run in a clockwise direction around the Julian Alps. The total length of the trail is around 300 kilometres, which will be divided into suggested daily stages. Each stage will be designed such that in the place where each section of the trail begins or ends, it is possible to stay overnight and food/drink will also be available to purchase. Where possible, stages of the trail will begin at train or bus stations, which will enable hikers easy access and sustainable mobility, as well as offering a choice of start and end points.


The aim of the trail isn't to climb the rocky summits of Slovenia's highest mountains but rather to enjoy the beauty of the Julian Alps from valleys and viewpoints in its foothills. Therefore, it primarly addresses hikers who are interested in natural and cultural heritage and genuine contact with the local population.


This is a trail which will lead you along the slopes and foothills of the Julian Alps, which allows you to discover hidden natural phenomena which can't be found in any tourist brochures, to learn about stories and legends that aren't mentioned in any tourist offers, to take a seat at the numerous viewpoints and take in the views of the distant horizon which are formed by high peaks and colourful valleys. A trail where you can discover the rich cultural heritage of the towns and villages in the Julian Alps and its outskirts, see numerous lesser known natural phenomena and historic and cultural attractions, and meet interesting locals whose knowledge has not been lost from generation to generation and who offer unique handicrafts and culinary delights.


The trail connects the ten municipalities in the area of the Julian Alps, these are Kranjska Gora, Jesenice, Žirovnica, Radovljica, Bled, Gorje, Bohinj, Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec.


Part of the trail will run through the area of the Municipality of Radovljica. Hikers on the long-distance trail will enter the Radol'ca area at the Sankaška koča hut which they will reach from Žirovnica. From there the trail leads past St. Peter's church, down to Begunje, onwards to the old town centre of Radovljica and from there towards the Sava river and onwards to the Šobec campsite, from where the trail continues to the Municipality of Bled.


The trail will be presented to local residents on an organised hike on selected sections of the trail on Sunday 21st October 2018. On this day hikers from all the 10 municipalities will simultaneously set off to hike at 9am.



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