From Peter to Peter

21.10.2018 09:00

Join a guided hike along the Radovljica section of the new Julian Alps Hiking Trail.

Hike along part of the trail, which will connect exceptional views, tranquil nooks and the diverse cultural heritage around the Julian Alps.


On Sunday 21st October you are invited to join an organised hike along the Radovljica section of the over 300 kilometre-long Julian Alps Trail, which is currently at the nascent stages. There will also be an organised hike along the Radovljica section of the trail will runs from the Sankaška koča hut through Begunje, Dvorska vas, Radovljica, the Šobec campsite and onwards to Bled, however, the first organised hike will take place in the opposite direction, therefore beginning in Radovljica.


Along the way we will pass two churches dedicated to St. Peter, and throughout you will enjoy the wonderful autumn landscape, pristine hamlets and the heritage of our countryside. On reaching the target destination we will meet with those hiking the trail from the Žirovnica direction.


The meeting point for hikers wishing to join the organised walk on the Radovljica part of the trail is in the square in front of St. Peter's church in Radovljica at 9am.

The target destination is St. Peter's church above Begunje, to where it is an approximately 3-hour easy walk.

You can return to Radovljica on foot or on public transport (bus) from Begunje at 2.11pm or 3.45pm.


The hike is organised by the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture.

We kindly request that larger groups wishing to take part contact us to give advance notice:


More about the Julian Alps Hiking Trail

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Take a photo of the forest and win a free Taste Radol'ca meal!
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