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New Culinary Brochure

18.01.2024 09:41

The Radovljica Tourist Board has published a new culinary brochure as part of the LAS Eco Tastes of Slovenia project. The brochure provides an overview of all the food and drink providers and services in the destination.

Radovljica, the culinary capital of the Gorenjska region, has a new culinary brochure. Thanks to its numerous and very popular events and award-winning chefs and cuisine, Radovljica has earned its place on the map of Slovenian gastronomy, in which the Taste Radol’ca project is one of the most well known. Taste Radol’ca has become the role model for culinary events and unions in other Slovenian towns, cities and regions. Despite this, Radol’ca’s range of excellent food-related events remains among the best. In addition to restaurants, the brochure also includes details of local farms and food suppliers, culinary events and experiences, and local artisans.


The content of the brochure is divided into three sections:

  • Taste Radol’ca: an overview of the union and project partners and local suppliers, as well as some practical hints and tips for culinary-themed exploration of the destination. This section includes a map on which all restaurants in the destination are shown. The importance of collaborating and the use of local ingredients are described through chats with chefs and ecological farmers.
  • Made in Radol’ca: an overview of local handicraft and tradespeople and ideas for Radol’ca culinary gifts
  • Experiences in Radol’ca: a description of culinary events and culinary experiences in the destination

Simultaneously with putting together content for the brochure, the Radovljica Tourist Board also recorded short videos that highlight the contact between Taste Radol’ca restaurateurs and their suppliers. The videos also cover the topics of beekeeping and chocolate. Links to the videos are available in the brochure via QR codes, and they will also be published on social networks and on YouTube.


The brochure is available in Slovene and English. Each version of the A5 brochure has 32 pages. The brochure was created as part of the LAS Eco Tastes of Slovenia cooperation project, in which the Radovlijca Public Institute of Tourism and Culture is one of the partners within LAS Gorenjska košaria. As part of this project, an event titled The Farmer’s Table was held in autumn as well as a cycling experience titled By Bike to Radol’ca’s Farms.





LAS EKO Okusi Slovenije, projekt financira Evropski kmetijski sklad za razvoj podeželja

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