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Festively decorated Radolovljica

29.11.2023 11:49

This year's festive decoration of Radovljica's old town centre is once again really special. In addition to lights and decorations made from natural materials, festively painted windows are the icing on the cake of the fairytale atmosphere.

For years, Radovljica has based its December appearance on authenticity. In addition to the lights that look like a starry sky above the town, there is a great emphasis on decorations made entirely from natural materials. Wreaths woven from natural pinewood are at the forefront this year, as well as garlands and other decorative elements woven from willow, such as Christmas trees and other hanging decorations. The willow decorations and wreaths in the old town are the joint work of the wickerworker Tanja Legat and Natalija Černe, who, on behalf of the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, leads the annual December project to decorate the old town. As in previous years, the entrance to the old town is adorned by a giant Christmas wreath, made by the florist Sabina Šegula. When visiting the old town, be sure to take a peek inside Radovljica Manor to see the special, festive crinoline in the niche of the Baroque staircase.


A new feature this year are the hand painted windows in the old town centre. They are the work of the academic painter Meta Šolar, who, on the initiative of the Radovljica Tourist Board and in cooperation with the owners and users of various windows in the old town, created a unique open-air gallery featuring 12 wonderful paintings on seven buildings. Thus, painting has now joined handicraft and weaving skills in Radovljica, and the 'gallery' of 12 painted windows can be seen by walking from the Radovljica park to the viewpoint at the far end of the old town. The original decor connects residents and service providers on the one hand, while on the other is a highly sustainable way of decorating for the festive season.


The Christmas lights will be switched on in Radovljica on Friday 1st December. As has become the tradition, the closing event of the Month of Local Cuisine will take place at the same time. The switching on of the lights will be accompanied by a street performance by the local artiste group Kreaktiv and a concert by Help! A Beatles Tribute Band.


We look forward to seeing you in festive Radovljica!

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