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Koala Voice concert and Taste Radol'ca

29.12.2023 19:00

Koala Voice concert, street food and christmas market in the beautiful old town of Radovljica.

Koala Voice are a Slovenian, indie rock, disco punk band formed in 2010. With their energetic stage performances, Koala Voice have been, from the very beginning, attracting both younger and older audiences. They started performing in 2012 and have through their first appearances in smaller clubs, broken into bigger stages year after year, both at home and abroad.


Programme Friday 29th December:

3pm-8pm: Christmas Market

7pm-9pm: Taste Radolca street food

7pm-9pm: Koala Voice concert



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31.12.2023 22:30
Radovljica and Begunje na Gorenjskem

New Year's Eve outdoor celebrations in Radovljica and Begunje na Gorenjskem.

01.12.2023 17:00
Seven street artists will perform in Radovljica during the month of December.

The festive events in the square will be further enhanced by entertaining street shows.

01.12.2023 15:00
December in Radovljica

Christmas market will offer a selection of beautiful products from local artisans.

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