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December Street Shows

01.12.2023 17:00

The festive events in the square will be further enhanced by entertaining street shows.

Liven up the festive holidays and come and watch the many excellent street artists perform in Linhart Square:

  • Friday 1st December: at 5pm, switch on of the Christmas lights with Kreaktiv group 

​Fire and light performance


  • Sunday 3rd December: at 4pm, Visit from St. Nicholas and Puppet show "Winter fairytale"


  • Saturday 16th December: at 5pm, Ana Snežna street show (TRIS)

Jakob Bergant, Camilo Acosta Mendoza and Markos Teklu are three friends, joined by the need to circus around. They are coming with show for the whole family, based on friendship and playfulness. They are a juggler, a clown and an acrobat, and they will do their best to make you laugh and enjoy.


  • Monday 25th December: at 5pm, Ana Snežna street show

With the shiny International Award of Excellency URBana LJUBLJana 2020 in their pocket, the mixed choir of superb singers returns with a new version of their hit performance Ups!, under the baton of a renowned and funky conductress. As always, expect the unexpected, an excellent choir performance full of surprises. As the singers put it: “The world has neither seen nor heard anything like this before. That’s why this harmony of diversity must be experienced with all senses. Appassionato!


  • Tuesday 26th December: at 5pm, Čupakabra street show


  • Wednesday 27th December: at 5pm, Magician Jan and a visit by Grandfather Frost


  • Saturday 30th December: at 5pm, Ana Snežna street show

Fire performance


We look forward to seeing you in festive Radovljica!


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December festive atmosphere in the old town centre of Radovljica.

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