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December in Radovljica

27.11.2018 07:54

This year's festive December in Radovljca begins with a St. Nicholas fair, which will also feature the switch-on of the Christmas lights and the closing event of the Taste Radol'ca Month of Local Cuisine.

Festive December in Radovljica begins on Saturday 1st December. The St. Nicholas fair will begin in the morning and later be joined in the afternoon by the lively end to the Taste Radol'ca Month of Local Cuisine, and the switching-on of the Christmas lights. The fair will continue on Sunday 2nd December when there will also be events for children.


With the exception of the first weekend in December, the main events of this year's festive season in Radovljica will take place during the period from 22nd – 31st December, which will feature a Christmas market and a whole host of events for all the family. Tourism Radol'ca invites you to take part in the 'Find Grandfather Frost's Postbox' family adventure (now also available in English), and to come and see the beautifully decorated old town centre. As in previous years, Dr. Sabina Šegula, together with the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre and with the assistance of volunteers from Radovljica and Lesce and Radovljica's students, is responsible for the decoration of the old town centre.


The inspiration for the decoration of Radovljica's old town centre comes from tradition and remains true to nature. During the last week of November in the Radovljica Mansion, garlands and wreaths from fir trees are made which, together with red hearts, transform Radovljica into a magical land. This makes Radovljica beautiful in December not only at dusk, when the fairy lights are twinkling, but also during the day, thanks to the greenery around the portals of houses, on windows and elsewhere which provide a touch of charm to the town during the day too.


Festive December in Radovljica has also been captured in a new promotional video, which presents the town as one where wishes come true. The film was shot by the team at Vizualist.



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