Festive December

19.12.2020 00:00

A wide range of events for all the family take place during the month of December in Radovljica.

Following November's Month of Local Cuisine, December's events move from Radovljica's restaurants and inns to its charming old town centre. Every year locals and visitors alike enthuse over the festively decorated old town centre with its decorations made out of real greenery and created by hardworking hands.


The entertainment programme will continue between 21st and 30th December with a range of events for children, families and all those who love experiencing the authentic charm of old town centres, combined with excellent concerts and great food.


Saturday 21st December


  • 12noon – 8pm: ADVENT MARKET, Linhart Square
  • 5pm – 8pm: TASTE RADOL'CA STREET FOOD, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 6pm – 8pm: 'FED HORSES', concert, Linhart Square, Radovljica                                                                                                                

Sunday 22nd December


  • 11am – 7pm: ARTISH, creative festival including a sales exhibition of authors' works, Radovljica Manor
  • 12noon – 3pm: DESIGNING CERAMICS WORKSHOP, Radovljica Manor
  • 4pm – 7pm: NATAŠA ARTIČEK, concert, Radovljica Manor
  • 5pm – 7pm: 'WHAT SMELLS SO LOVELY?', creative workshop making oil diffusers and scented cushions with the Museum of Apiculture, Radovljica Manor

Monday 23rd December


  • 3pm – 7pm: ADVENT MARKET, Linhart Square
  • 6pm – 7pm: RADOL'CA, 'A GOLDEN CROWN', workshop for children, Atrium of Radovljica Manor

Wednesday 25th December


  • 3pm – 7pm: ADVENT MARKET, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 5pm: STREET SHOW: ANA SNEŽNA IN RADOVLJICA, Linhart Square, Radovljica                                                       

Thursday 26th December

  • 3pm – 7pm: ADVENT MARKET, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 4pm: MERMAID, Ballet performance by Moj klub, Baroque Hall of the Radovljica Manor
  • 5pm: ČUPAKABRA, School for Dragons – Fire Show, Linhart Square, Radovljica                                                      

Friday 27th December


  • 3pm - 7pm: ADVENT MARKET, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 4pm: FOLKLORE GROUP LESCE, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 5pm: PUPPET SHOW NAROBE DAN (The Wrong Day) and visit by Grandfather Frost with the Radovljica Tourist Association, Radovljica Manor

Saturday 28th December


  • 3pm - 8pm: ADVENT MARKET, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 12noon – 3pm: FAIRYTALE HORSES FOR CHILDREN WITH THE SITAR RANCH, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 2pm – 5pm: KROPA NAILMAKING WORKSHOP, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 5pm – 8pm: TASTE RADOL'CA, street food, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 5pm – 7pm: A WORLD OF FUN, workshop and face painting, Radovljica Manor
  • 6pm – 8pm: ANDREJ ŠIFRER, concert, Linhart Square, Radovljica

Sunday 29th December


  • 3pm – 7pm: CHRISTMAS MARKET, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 5pm: STREET SHOW: ANA SNEŽNA IN RADOVLJICA, Linhart Square, Radovljica
  • 6pm: RADOVLJICA CAROL SINGING THROUGH LINHART SQUARE, ending at the atrium of the rectory in Radovljica


Throughout December you can set off on the Find Grandfather Frost's Postbox adventure. On this short walk you will find out about Radovljca and its attractions and parks and write a letter to Grandfather Frost.


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