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Festive events and entertainment in the old town centre

19.12.2023 15:00

Between 21th and 31st December, a wide range of events and entertainment will take place in the fairytale-like old town centre.

After the St. Nicholas celebrations at the start of December, the festive season will kick into high gear from 21th December. Every year, visitors enthuse over the festively decorated old town, with its natural green decorations, which will remain at the heart of this year's decorations too, with the addition of wonderful wickerwork baubles and pendants and a festive adventure through the town.


In the second half of December, numerous festive events will take place in the town.



  • Wednesday 21st December from 3pm to 7pm – ADVENT MARKET and WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN with Petra and Gibarija
  • Thursday 22nd December from 3pm to 7pm – ADVENT MARKET and CHRISTMAS DESIGN WORKSHOP V BISERNI HISI, prior registration required at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre
  • Friday 23rd December from 3pm to 7pm – ADVENT MARKET, from 6pm to 8pm Concert by GUŠTI AND TASTE RADOL'CA FOOD
  • Sunday 25th December at 5pm – ANA SNEŽNA STREET SHOW
  • Monday 26th December at 5pm – STREET SHOW BY ČUPAKABRA
  • Tuesday 27th December from 3pm to 7pm – ADVENT MARKET, at 5pm PERFORMANCE OF 'THE END OF THE YEAR IS HERE' and VISIT BY GRANDFATHER FROST with the Radovljica Tourist Association
  • Wednesday 28th December from 3pm to 7pm – ADVENT MARKET, at 5pm ANA SNEŽNA STREET SHOW
  • Thursday 29th December from 3pm to 7pm – ADVENT MARKET and FESTIVE WORKSHOP
  • Friday 30th December from 3pm to 7pm – ADVENT MARKET, 6pm to 8pm CONCERT BY HAMO & TRIBUTE TO LOVE, FOOD FROM TASTE RADOL'CA
  • Saturday 31st Decembre from 10pm- New Year’s Eve celebration in Radovljica with Avsenik House Ensamble.


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Linhart square, Radovljica

Koala Voice concert, street food and christmas market in the beautiful old town of Radovljica.

22.12.2023 19:00
December events

The December events on Linhart Square will be enhanced by the Slovenian band Fed Horses, Taste Radol'ca street food, and a christmas market.

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Seven street artists will perform in Radovljica during the month of December.

The festive events in the square will be further enhanced by entertaining street shows.

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December in Radovljica

Christmas market will offer a selection of beautiful products from local artisans.

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