Current information regarding COVID-19 measures

23.10.2020 13:26

With effect from 16th October, new, stricter measures come into force to try to combat the spread of coronavirus. Restaurants must close, while some museums will remain open.


With effect from 16th October, all restaurants, inns, bars, cafe, patisseries and snack bars, hotels and other accomodation will be closed in the Radol'ca area



Due to a ban on people gathering, all events have been cancelled, including those which had already by approved by the National Institute for Public Health. Thus, all performances and screenings in Linhart Hall, as well as all outdoor events, have been cancelled.


The opening Taste Radol'ca event has been cancelled and the Month of Local Cuisine has been postponed indefinitely until such time that restaurants are able to reopen.



Wearing masks, including outdoors, is now obligatory in the Gorenjska region. We request that you behave responsibly.



You can still visit some museums in the Radol'ca area: The municipal museum, Iron Forging Museum and Šivec house gallery. Please ensure you behave responsibly when visiting museums; masks must be worn, hands must be disinfected before entry, and ensure you keep a safe distance.

You may still set off on hiking trails, however, please ensure you maintain a safe distance from others and follow the hygiene rules for hands and coughing. 

The interactive family adventure 'With a Bee Through Radovljica' will be available until the end of October. Since the Museum of Apiculture will be closed due to renovation until December, the adventure is now available at the reduced price of €2 per child. Booklets may be ordered online and are sent out by post (adresses in Slovenia).


Gorenjska is currently on the list of the regions with the highest rates of infections, therefore we would like to particularly call on you collectively to behave responsibly. We will provide regular updates on any new measures and changes in terms of tourist and food and beverage facilities. Meanwhile, we invite you, above all, to spend time outdoors in nature. Choose paths that are less popular, breathe in the fresh air and stretch your limbs.

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