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New: Culinary walks through Radovljica

03.10.2019 09:53

Radovljica is already a recognised centre of cuisine. From now on, the range of cuisine and culinary attractions will be further enhanced by culinary walks through Radovljica's inns.

In recent years Radovljica has cemented its reputation as an excellent culinary destination, largely due to events such as the Radovljica Chocolate Festival and Taste Radol'ca. Taste Radol'ca restaurants and inns are now in full-swing at events throughout the whole year, while, in addition to the Radovljica Chocolate Festival, this year a new Craft Beer Festival took place for the first time.


In recent years there has been a lack of culinary tours, which have become very popular. It is precisely because of enquiries for such tours, together with the wide range of facilities and attractions in Radovljica, that the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre – together with restaurateurs and other providers in the old town centre – has decided to put on special 'Radovljica Food Tour: Herbs​' culinary walks, which include tastings of food and drink in four of Radovljica's restaurants.


The main theme of the walks is herbs. The alpine environment offers excellent conditions for their growth in a natural environment and they are also grown in gardens, whilst in cookery they provide the 'icing on the cake' in shaping distinct flavours.


The culinary walks are organised by the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre. The first walk was conducted for a group of Slovenian tourists. The walks are intended for groups, however, during the culinary month of November, there will also be special dates available for individual visitors. The dates will be published on our website.


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