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National folk music evenings

29.01.2024 19:00

Performances by Slovenian national folk ensembles. Several times a month.

Unmissable events for fans of Avsenik's music.




Saturday, January 20: Tekmovanje Harmonikarjev
Sunday, January 21: Tekmovanje Harmonikarjev


Wednesday, February 14: Valentinov koncert: Manca Špik


Friday, March 8: Slovensko-Avstrijski glasbeni večer (Ansambel Saša Avsenika & Die Mooskirchner)
Friday, March 22: Hišni ansambel Avsenik


Friday, April 5: Ansambel Svizci
Wednesday, April 10: Ansambel Saša Avseika, gost: Gregor Avsenik
Friday, April 19: Ansambel Ekart (koncert ob 50 letnici ansambla)
Friday, April 26: Veseli Begunjčani


Wednesday, May 8: Ansambel Saša Avsenika
Friday, May 17: Šmarnogorski kvintet
Friday, May 24: Hišni ansambel Avsenik
Friday, May 31: Veseli Begunjčani


Friday, June 7: Ansambel Zupan
Wednesday, June 12: Ansambel Saša Avseika, gost: Gregor Avsenik
Friday, June 14: Igor in zlati zvoki
Friday, June 28: Veseli Begunjčani


Friday, July 5: Gorenjski kvintet
Friday, July 12: Veseli Begunjčani
Wednesday, July 24: Ansambel Saša Avsenika


Friday, August 2: Veseli Begunjčani
Friday, August 9: Hišni Ansambel Avsenik
Friday, August 16: Slovenski zvoki
Thursday, August 22: Ansambel Svizci
Friday, August 23: FESTIVAL AVSENIK
Saturday, August 24: FESTIVAL AVSENIK
Sunday, August 25: FESTIVAL AVSENIK


Friday, September 6: Šmarnogorski kvintet
Friday, September 13: Veseli Begunjčani
Wednesday, September 18: Ansambel Saša Avsenika
Friday, September 20: Hišni ansambel Avsenik
Friday, September 27: Ansambel Zupan


Friday, October 4: Igor in zlati zvoki
Friday, October 18: Veseli Begunjčani
Wednesday, October 23: Ansambel Saša Avsenika gost: Gregor Avsenik


Friday, November 8: Hišni Ansambel Avsenik (koncert ob 25 letnici ansambla)
Thursday, November 14: Ansambel Saša Avsenika
Friday, November 15: Veseli Begunjčani
Saturday, November 16: Ansambel Zupan (13.00-16.00)
Sunday, November 17: Hišni Ansambel Avsenik (12.00-14.00)


*The music programme starts at 19:00 unless otherwise stated.

Entrance: 10eur

Location: Begunje na Gorenjskem 

Call for reservation and information


Reservations and information
tel: 00386(0)4 53 33 402


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23.08.2024 20:00
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