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Cuisine with a green future in mind

14.09.2022 09:42

“We believe that sustainability is a way of life; we are working today for the future.” This is the thinking of chef Uroš Štefelin, from Hiša Linhart, who this year was awarded a Michelin Star and is also the initiator of the Taste Radol'ca association.

Hiša Linhart was also awarded a Michelin Green Clover, which recognises sustainable gastronomy, i.e. first-class cuisine with the future in mind. In addition to local flavours, the team at Hiša Linhart, which is led by the versatile Marcela Klofutar together with chef Uroš Štefelin, always has the future in mind. The young kitchen team leader Martin Zupanc is also increasingly establishing himself in the kitchen through his cuisine.


There are other sustainable culinary stories in the Radovljica area: Gostišče Draga in the Draga valley in Begunje na Gorenjskem is run by chef Aleš Tavčar, while the Lesce-based Gostilna Tulipan and the aforementioned Hiša Linhart are holders of the Slovenia Green Cuisine label. All three are also members of the Taste Radol'ca association, while Restavracija Tabor in Podbrezje is also a the holder of the Slovenia Green Cuisine label. This sustainability label is awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Organisation to those restaurants that have committed to sustainability.


The story of Gostišče Draga is an interesting one; most of the vegetables used in the restaurant come from the family farm in Kranj, which is run by Tina Likozar, the partner of chef Aleš Tavčar. You can also buy some of the products that the energetic couple create from home-grown vegetables at the monthly Radol'ca market. Tina Likozar creates wonderful pickled vegetables, while her partner, Aleš Tavčar, creates delicious stews and other dishes, which he preserves in glass jars. The meals in jars quickly became a hit among those looking for a quick and easy, yet delicious and wholesome, meal.


Also of significance is that all the aforementioned restaurants are included in Taste Radol'ca, which will soon be holding its Month of Local Flavours, which takes place annually throughout the month of November. The aforementioned month is traditionally the tastiest month of the year in Radovljica, as many of the restaurants in Radovljica and its surroundings offer set menus at a set price. The dishes created by the chefs united in Taste Radol'ca are characterised by local flavours and ingredients that are grown and produced in the area.


Gorenjska fish, for example those from the Zupan fish farm in Bohinj, are among the ingredients that the chefs here in Radol'ca swear by, in addition to local vegetables, dairy products, meat, honey, cereals and other delicious delicacies.


That is why, to end our green gastronomic travels around Radovljica, we are turning to Špelina shramba, where the head of the fish farm, Mitja Zupan, has just sent us one of his favourite recipes.

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