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Every Monday in July and August

Discover the secrets of the unique Dovžan gorge in the company of a local guide and learn about the wealth of cultural heritage and stories of this craft town in the embrace of the Karavanke mountains.

Every Tuesday in July & August

A beauty forged by natures' works; the cradle of ironworking; Little Venice – these are how the villages you will visit are referred to. Discover the wealthy tradition of ironworking and visit the picturesque village centres of Kropa and Kamna Gorica.

Every Wednesday in July & August

Experience the gem of Slovenia on a walk with a local guide. The guide will reveal tales to acquaint you with the exceptional natural beauties and wealth of cultural heritage of the town and its surroundings. You can make the experience even more special by enjoying some unique Bled cuisine.

Every Thursday in July and August

A wonderful trip to the old town centre of Radovljica, which is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Slovenia. A local guide will acquaint you with tales of the 'sweetest' Slovenian town, as well as the country's largest pilgrimage centre.

Every Friday in July & August

Visit a former mercury mine near Tržič and a memorial park to the former concentration camp at Ljubelj.

Every Saturday in July & August

This bus trip, which is ideal for those who enjoy more active outings, starts at Kamen Castle. It begins with a tour of the castle ruins, then you will set off on a guided walk along the Lamberg Trail in Begunje na Gorenjskem.

Every Sunday in July and August

During this trip to the town of steel and flowers you will discover interesting stories of Jesenice, the ironworks and its legendary hockey team.

The tour is free for holders of Julian Alps guest cards: Bled and Julian Alps guest cards: Radovljica.



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The Unique Dovžan Gorge and the town of Tržič
Half-day guided tour every Monday in July and August.
Price with VAT:
25,00 €
Ironforging Villages beneath Jelovica
Half-day guided tour every Tuesday in July and August.
Price with VAT:
25,00 €
Slovenia's Gem - Bled
Half-day guided tour every Wednesday in July and August.
Price with VAT:
25,00 €
Charming Radovljica with Brezje
Half-day guided tour every Thursday in July and August.
Price with VAT:
25,00 €
The Podljubelj Valley with a Mine and Concentration Camp
Half-day guided tour every Friday in July and August
Price with VAT:
25,00 €
Kamen Castle and the Lamberg Trail
Half-day guided tour every Saturday in July and August
Price with VAT:
25,00 €
From the Jesenice foundries to the green Vintgar Gorge
Half-day guided tour, every Sunday in July and August.
Price with VAT:
25,00 €


News & Blog


16.10.2019 22:34
Nature, culture and excellent cuisine

Written by Kaja Beton, October 2019


Autumn is a wonderful time to explore Slovenia, whether for outdoor activities or learning about cultural heritage, and not forgetting a visit to great restaurants. Below you can read our latest suggestions for an autumn trip in the surroundings of Radovljica.

Half-day hiking tours in Radovljica and the surroundings

Fabulous autumn weather, school holidays and the COVID-19 pandemic – due to the latter we are confined to our home municipalities. So, what now?

17.10.2018 13:56
3 circular hiking trails

Written by Kaja Beton, October 2018, Photo: Kaja Beton and Jošt Gantar


Autumn steadily colours the leaves and changes nature into a wonderful painting on canvas. Set off on one of our suggested hiking tours where you can enjoy the autumn colours and wonderful nature.

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