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The Grabnarca Waterside Nature Trail

The trail begins at the source of the Lipnica stream and leads over numerous small wooden bridges crossing the Grabnarica stream and beautiful fields  to reach a small lake, known as the 'Count's Lake'.

The Grabnarca Waterside Nature Trail

The circular path leads through an area which is known for its exceptionally diverse flora and fauna, including rare stone crayfish and, the symbol of the trail, the white-throated dipper. Part of the trail is a designed Natura 2000 conservation area, and it is also possible to combine the trail with the Lipnica Castle Natural Science Trail.


The Grabnarica and Lipnica streams once powered a number of mills and sawmills. A walk along the trail reveals the importance of water for the local population both in the past and today. The circular path leads from the Grabnarica stream in Spodnja Lipnica through the wonderful fields surrounding Vošče to a small lake known as the 'Count's Lake'. On the way back you walk across beautiful fields  with views of the Karavanke mountains and the Julian Alps.


Start and end point: Spodnja Lipnica (Kolnica; 46.3208N, 14.1627E) or Lancovo Cultural Centre 
Length: 5km 
Estimated time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty level: easy walking trail
Signs: signposts and information boards (in Slovenian language only)
Custodian of the path: The Slovenian Forestry Institute, Bled Area Unit, T: (04) 531 58 61
Guided tours: The Slovenian Forestry Institute, Bled Area Unit, T: (04) 531 58 61



  • To start in Lancovo: next to the main road that leads from Radovljica towards Kropa, in the hamlet of Lipnica, there is a building with a small supermarket and cafe. In front of the building is a parking area from where, on the other side of the road, the signposts show the way uphill on the local road.
  • To start in Spodnja Lipnica: on the main road that leads from Radovljica to Kropa turn right towards Spodnja Lipnica. Drive through the hamlet and onwards towards the Jelovica plateau to a small car park on the left-hand side just before the last few houses. From here set off on foot following the waymarkers.

Custodian of the path: KS Lancovo


Before you set off on your way, pick up a copy of the map of themed hiking trails in Radovljica and the surroundings, available at the Radovljica and Begunje Tourist Information Centres.



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