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Hiking on mountain pastures with a guide

Guided hiking tours

Set off to hike on well-known and lesser-known trails with an experienced guide.

Hiking in the surrounding hills and mountains is safer and more interesting with an experienced mountain guide. Along the way you will find out plenty of interest and also have the chance to hike some lesser-known trails.


Short and longer hiking tours are available from Begunje, Završnica and Kropa, or, by prior arrangement, hikes in the Julian Alps and other parts of the Karavanke range can also be arranged.


Tour availability: daily, year-round, time by prior arrangement
Duration: 3-4 hours
Minimum number of participants: 2 
Start point: by arrangement upon reservation
Tours available in: Slovene, English
The price is dependent on the chosen tour. Prices include transport from Radovljica to the start of the tour and back to Radovljica



Alter Sport​
T: +386 (0)40 663 355



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Views of the Julian Alps and mountain pastures of the Jelovica Plateau.

The most popular hiking trail in the Radol'ca area is undoubtedly the one that leads to the famous Roblekov dom mountain hut. In addition to 'Roblek', you can also hike to Dobrča, the Vodiška planina mountain pasture, Talež, Jamnik and on a network of other trails.

Over the panoramic 'čez Roža' trail to Roblek

The Begunje Shepherd's Trail is an excellent choice for seasoned hikers who are seeking great hiking with added stunning views. You can crown your ascent by adding on a climb to the peak of Veliki vrh on Mt. Begunščica.

Goška ravan
A paradise for lovers of forests

Escape into the embrace of the green forest. The Karst Jelovica plateau offers numerous opportunities for recreation in a natural environment.

Inviting mountain pastures and peaks all year-round

The Karavanke await you with mountain pastures and the high peaks above them which offer superb views across Slovenia and Austrian Carinthia. Ascend them in summer or in winter.

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