organised by the Radovljica Public Institute of Tourism and Culture


The organiser of the prize draws is the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture, Linhartov trg 9, 4240 Radovljica, company registration number 3683516000, tax number SI71535586 (in continuation: the organiser).

Individuals, other than those employed by the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture, may participate in prize draws. Under age persons may participate with the consent of their parents or legal representative.

The terms and conditions for participating in prize draws are published separately for each prize draw on the organiser's Facebook page and/or website, but the bellow are valid for all praze games, organized by Radovljica Public Institute of Tourism and Culture:

  • Prize draws take place at the organiser's headquarters on the day specified in the description of the prize draw on the website and/or Facebook page, at the latest 14 days after the closing date of the prize draw.
  • A commission consisting of representatives of the organisers ensures the organisation, execution and supervision of prize draws.
  • The results of prize draws are final and complaints are not possible. Financial substitutes are not possible and it is also not possible to exchange prizes. Each individual participant in a prize draw can receive just one of the prizes. If a participant is drawn twice or more, he/she receives the prize for which he/she was first drawn.
  • Winners will be notified via a message on social media or by email to the address given on participating in the prize draw. In cases where the prize draw takes place on social media, participants consent that the organiser can tag him/her in the announcement.
  • A list of winners is published on the organiser's website and/or Facebook page at the latest three days after the prize draw.
  • Participants in the prize draw agree that in the event that they are drawn or selected as a prize winner, they give irrevocable consent to co-operate with the organiser in terms of the use of personal data of the winner (name and surname) and photographing the winner for the purposes of advertising or publication of the material so obtained in all media (print media, websites, Facebook profiles, advertising editions or other media) of the organiser of the prize draw without the right to compensation or payment. At the same time, participants waive the right to review, approve or oppose the use of any material, editorial choice, or the appearance of the material.
  • Prizes should be claimed at the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre, Linhartov trg 9, Radovljica, during working hours. Upon request by the winner, prizes may also be sent by post, however, the costs of postage are borne by the winner. In such cases, the winner must submit to the organiser the following personal information: name and surname, full postal address. If the winner does not submit this information within seven days, he/she loses the right to the prize and any kind of substitute.
  • Any complaints and claims are dealt with by the organiser of the prize draw. In the case of well-founded complaints, the organiser undertakes to deal with them in the shortest possible time and to inform the participant accordingly.


Individuals, other than those employed by the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture may participate in the prize draw. Entry for the prize draw takes place from 20.3.2019 to 27.3.2019 inclusive.

In order to participate you have to tag 4 (four) individaul people in a comment to a Facebok post. A prize draw will choose one winner. The prize is: 2 nights-stay in a 5-bed room in Life Hostel Slovenia in Radovljica from 12 th untill 14th April 2019. 


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