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Recommendations for your visit to Bled during the 2023 and 2024 summer seasons

19.05.2023 12:18

Due to construction of a bypass, traffic to and from Bled in the 2023 and 2024 tourist seasons will be particularly heavy. In addition, part of the Lesce-Bled cycle path is closed. 

We recommend that, if possible, visitors to Bled go by bike. Although part of the Lesce-Bled cycle path is closed due to construction of the bypass, there is a marked detour as well as other macadam routes to reach Bled, which offer lovely views and additional experiences.


Bled can be reached by bike from Lesce and Radovljica by taking the following routes:


Bled can also be reached on foot by first walking on the Lesce-Bled cycle path until you reach the bridge over the Sava river. After crossing the bridge turn left and continue through the village of Koritno. At the top of the hill turn right onto the main road towards Bled.


If you are starting your walk in Radovljica, we recommend that you walk part of the Juliana Long-Distance Hiking Trail, which leads alongside the Sava river from Radovljica to the Šobec Camp and then onwards through the village of Koritno to Bled.


Of course, Radovljica, Lesce and Begunje na Gorenjskem can also be reached by regular scheduled bus services. Timetables are available here.


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