Radovljica publishes a new tourist catalogue

21.03.2019 13:36

A new brochure has been published by the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture to promote Radovljica and its surroundings.

The new catalogue presents 'Honestly Sweet' Radol'ca in a fresh and attractive way. At the forefront there are four strong pillars that distinguish Radol'ca from neighbouring tourist areas - culture and history, tradition, museums, and cuisine. The diverse range of outdoor experiences available in Radovljica and its surroundings is presented in a user-friendly way. The catalogue also includes an overview of all the seasons which promise a variety of experiences throughout the year, provides suggestions for activities for three target groups, lists details of the biggest events, and offers ideas for day trips from Radovljica, which is an excellent base for discovering other parts of Slovenia. The final part of the catalogue features infographics containing important information to aid visitors in getting to know the Radol'ca area which, thanks to its location on the threshold of the Julian Alps, offers an abundance of experiences both outdoors and in terms of culture.


The catalogue was designed by Kristina Smodila of Designlicious, and was printed by the Tiskarna Medium printworks. The initial print run was 7,000 copies of the catalogue, which is in English, intended for the purposes of promoting Radol'ca at trade fairs, workshops and other events in Slovenia and further afield. It is planned that this year the catalogue will also be printed in German.






Published by: The Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture
Text and editing: Kaja Beton
English translation: Adele Gray
Design: Kristina Smodila, Designlicious
Infographics: Zofija Vrečko
Photographs contributed by: Jošt Gantar, Miran Kambič, Boris Pretnar, Polona Bartol, Cveto Sonc, Rožle Bregar, Jani Kolman, Aleš Krivec, Gorazd Kavčič, Aleš Zdešar, Iztok Medja, Mi2fotkava, Anton Calapagiu/Shutterstock.com, Sopotnicki/Shutterstock.com |
Print: Tiskarna Medium

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