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Prize Game: The Wealth of the Forest with Taste Radol'ca

01.10.2019 13:32

Do you enjoy spending time in the forest in autumn? Share your experience of autumn forests with us and be in with a chance to win a Taste Radol'ca meal!

Isn't it most wonderful when autumn leaves glimmer their golden autumnal colours in the sun, when leaves rustle beneath your feet, and when the autumn air refreshes us?


Between 1st October and 3rd November 2019 the Radovljica Public Institute for Tourism and Culture is organising a prize game, through which it has a desire to encourage locals and visitors to share with us, on social media, their autumn experiences in nature, as well as promoting this year's month of Taste Radol'ca. The main theme of this November's Month of Taste Radol'ca menus is the wealth of the forest. People most enjoying spending time in the forest in autumn; so you can tell us why, how and when! Share your experience(s) of the forest with us and be in with the chance of winning a tasty prize!


The prize game is taking place on Facebook and Instagram. Participants must share their photos and stories publically using @visitradolca and #radolca. At the end of the prize draw period, two winners will be chosen who will each receive two vouchers for a November Taste Radol'ca meal.


If you're not sure about where to head to in the forest, check out the following pages for some tips and ideas:

Autumn tours: where locals like to go

Theme paths in Radovljca and the surroundings


The terms and conditions can be found HERE.


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