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Current condition in the destination and its surroundings

The situation following the storms and floods


  • The road through the Draga Valley is open again as well as Gostišče Draga. The road onwards to the Poljška planina mountain pasture is still closed. 
  • The path to Robelkov dom from Begunje village is obstructed. 
  • The area of Katzenstein Manor, including the Museum of Hostages, is open again

Radovljica, Lesce, Kropa, Brezje – normal conditions



The following paths are in areas where trees have been uprooted and water has caused extensive damage. Though we haven't actually checked the conditions of the trails, our information leads us to the conclusion that they are not currently accessible:

  • Shepherds' Trail through Luknja to the Preval mountain pasture
  • Brezje Path of Peace
  • Sava River Trail

The following trails are accessible: St. Peter's Church above Begunje na Gorenjskem, Lipnica Castle Trail, trail to the Vodiška planina mountain pasture from the Slovenska peč smelting furnace and trails in the vicinity of Kamna Gorica.



Cycle routes that run on local roads are accessible by bike, but all the routes that make up the entire network of mountain bike trails are inaccessible. We particularly advise against using the trails and routes that include the Završnica and Draga valley (accessible only to the Gostišče Draga). The road to the Vodiška planina mountain pasture is open, however, uprooted trees from the previous storms present a problem when riding on single-trail and hiking trails.

The macadam road Lancovo - Bled provides access to Bled via the Ribno bridge.


RIVER-BASED ACTIVITIES will run as normal from Monday 7th August.


MOUNTAIN-BASED ACTIVITIES: We advise against taking part in mountain-based activities, because rescue teams are still working in affected areas. In addition, it has not yet been possible to check the condition of all trails, therefore some of them may be completely or partly inaccessible. We advise caution, particularly in terms of assessing your physical ability, being properly equipped and monitoring the weather forecast.



  • VINTGAR GORGE: is open again
  • ŽIROVNICA, ZAVRŠNICA VALLEY: the valley and car park are open, the forest road towards Zelenici is closed, as is the Dom pri izviru Završnice mountain hut; hiking on the trail that leads to the Valvazorjev dom mountain hut is not advised due to the risk of mudslides
  • BOHINJ: SAVICA WATERFALL and MOSTNICA GORGE: open and operating normally
  • BOHINJ: ROAD TO THE BLATO mountain pasture: open as usual
  • KRANJSKA GORA: PERIČNIK WATERFALL: fully accessible, as is the road to the Vrata valley

How to help: The first, and most important, step is to take heed of road and trail closures. In addition, if you would like to contribute to Slovenia's recovery, you can do so during the course of your stay here, or if you would like to contribute financially, you can make a bank transfer via ADRA SLOVENIJA (


Bank transfers should be made to the following account:
IBAN: SI56 0284 3026 3945 425
Reference: SI00 2023
Name of recipient: HD ADRA Slovenija, Njegoševa 15 1000 Ljubljana
Purpose: NEURJE 2023
Code: CHAR

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02.06.2023 14:35

The Radovljica Tourist Board has created summer publications for locals and visitors, and, together with our partners and event organisers, from June to September has also put together a varied programme of events and entertainment.

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