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Capacity of the biggest hall: 350

No. of rooms/halls: 6

Stage: yes

Do you love music? Then you need to meet at Avsenik and plan your next event here. The location offers various spaces and a traditional dance hall with a stage.


Lunch, a reception, or a coffee break can take place outside at the large summer terrace. A traditional Slovenian day or evening with rustic food, traditional music, dance and traditional strives is always an unforgettable and fun experience. This will bring some movement into your event. If you want to find out more about the Avsenik family, your event can also take place at the Avsenik museum, which is a modern facility that offers enough space for a meeting or a reception.


The Avsenik Guest House is located in Begunje na Gorenjskem. Plan your event with the Avsenik family in a beautiful building surrounded by green nature, where tradition and a long family history meet.


Guest House Avesenik offers four guest rooms and one junior suite.


Recommended for:

  • meetings,
  • meals for business and incentive groups,
  • conferences,
  • thematic evenings and events






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