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Restaurant & Lounge Bar MANU

This new spacious and elegant restaurant delights diners with its excellent food, which is based on carefully selected ingredients and locally produced products.

The restaurant is located in Žirovnica – a place known for its wealth of cultural heritage. Surrounded by hills, meadows and forests, the idyllic location makes MANU an ideal place where you can sit on the terrace and soak up the views. Nature is the main theme that connects the surroundings with the interior of the restaurant and lounge bar, as well as the food on its plates. The latter is first and foremost based on carefully selected ingredients and locally produced products. This doesn't just apply to the restaurant – where you can choose from the lunch menu, the a la carte menu or the tasting menu, while in the lounge bar you can enjoy Neapolitan pizzas, cold cut platters featuring local products, and house desserts – but also the range of drinks. Choose from homemade iced teas, various fruit drinks made of fresh fruit syrups and purees, homemade house tonics, unique cocktails and more. The ethos of Restaurant and Lounge Bar MANU is to offer its guests the best. Even though the menu features unusual and sometimes even very complex techniques, the team at MANU has a desire to be creative and accessible to all. You are warmly invited to visit to experience for yourself the pleasant ambience, the friendly service and the excellent range of food and drink.


Opening hours:

Lounge Bar Manu:
Monday-Thursday:   07:00 - 22:00

Friday: 07:00 - 23:00

Saturday:  8:00 - 23:00

Sunday: 9:00 - 21:00


Restaurant Manu:
Monday closed

Tuesday – Saturday:  12:00 - 22:00

Sunday:  12:00 - 18:00


Restavracija & Lounge Bar MANU
Moste 101, 4274 Žirovnica
T: 070 547 293
FB: Restavracija & Lounge Bar MANU
IG: restavracijamanu

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