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The Uroš Štefelin Cookery School for Lovers of Cooking

19.03.2022 09:00

Learn to cook from the best. Master new cookery skills with one of the most well-known Slovenian chefs – Uroš Štefelin.

At the culinary workshop for adults, in addition to learning modern techniques for preparing dishes, you will acquire knowledge in the areas of devising menus and matching food with drink. You will also find out more about Vila Podvin and the influence of diet on the metabolism and wellbeing.



  • Arrival, welcome with coffee and house pastries
  • Presentation of the company – development vision, plan of work, organisation of work at Vila Podvin
  • The influence of diet on the metabolism and wellbeing
  • Preparation and cooking 4-course lunch under the leadership of chef Uroš Štefelin
  • A choice of suitable accompanying wines with each dish (wine tasting) under the leadership of the house sommelier Samo Pelcl
  • Preparation of tableware
  • Group lunch (4 courses) with house chefs and sommelier and accompanying wines


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