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Fed Horses and Taste Radol'ca

21.12.2019 17:00

The festive season in Radovljica brings great music, street food and fairytale adventures for children.

December's varied entertainment programme begins on 21st December in Linhart Square.



12noon – 8pm: Christmas market
12noon – 3pm: Fairytale horses for children with the Sitar Ranch
2pm – 5pm: Kropa nailmaking workshop
5pm – 8pm: Taste Radol'ca, street food
6pm – 8pm: 'Fed Horses', concert


You can make your visit to Radovljica even more interesting by trying out the 'Send a Letter to Grandfather Frost' December adventure, during which you will mount a festive sleigh, spin the 'Wheel of Experiences' to see the wide variety of events that take place in Radovljica throughout the year, sit in a fairytale coach, find out about Radovljica's interesting history, and write a letter to Grandfather Frost. Further information and instructions are available from the Radovljica Tourist Information Centre.





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Between 21th and 31st December, a wide range of events and entertainment will take place in the fairytale-like old town centre.

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This year new tasks await you along the way to the postbox. You will switch on the lights on a really special Christmas tree and take ride in a fairytale carriage on the wings of your imagination!

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