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Klavdij Tutta: Mediterranean traveller

An exhibition of paintings by the renowned Slovenian artist Klavdij Tutta.

Radovljica's Šivec House Gallery will host a new exhibition of works by the renowned artist, illustrator, graphic artist and designer Klavdij Tutta. His works of art transcend extremely subjective, intimate and reflective poetics whilst also exhibiting a special relationship to the primary elements of painting. From a theoretical perspective, each of his exhibitions means absorbing himself in a new challenge.


At the forefront of the new exhibition in the Šivec House Gallery are his Mediterranean themes. To mark a jubilee in his life as an artist, an extensive monograph has been published. The exhibition will be introduced by Milena Koren Božiček, the author of the text in the monograph, which was also published in co-operation with the Šivec House Gallery on the occasion of the central exhibition at Kromberk Castle in April 2018.


The exhibition is on show untill 14th April in Šivec House Art Gallery at Linhartov trg.



When hosting exhibitions, Šivec House is open every day except Mondays:

November, April Tuesday - Friday 10am -12noon, 4pm-6pm  
May - June, September- October Tuesday - Sunday 10am-1pm, 4pm-7pm  
July - August Tuesday - Sunday 10am-1pm, 5pm-8pm  


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