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New exhibition at the Museum of Apiculture

The Museum of Apiculture, which is one of Radovljica's main attractions, is entering this year's tourist season with a new permanent exhibition. The exhibition, which still focuses on the Carniolan grey bee and the wealth of beekeeping heritage in Slovenia, now has a new more interactive form.

The title of the exhibition is 'Living together. About bees and mankind.' As the title portrays, at the forefront of the exhibition is the co-existence of bees and mankind through the heritage of beekeeping.


Renovation of the museum began in 2020, and the museum will officially reopen on 21st May 2021. The exhibition will be opened by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor. The new exhibition was arranged by Dr. Petra Bole, the director of Radovljica Municipal Museums, together with partners who are aware of the meaning of sustainable develoment and who care about our future and that of the indigenous Carniolan bee.


The new exhibition has been designed along holistic and interdisciplinary lines. It is based on three pillars – heritage, experience and education. The emphasis is on the modern interpretation of museum exhibits through more interactivity. The topics are presented in three stages, so that visitors can choose to what depth they will explore the topic.


Compared to the previous layout, the museum now has many modern features, such as video content and interactive points for children. Although these are arranged throughout the museum, children will especially enjoy the last museum room, which is intended just for them.


The history of the Museum of Apiculture

The Museum of Apiculture was founded by the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association on 29th January 1926, and Radovljica was chosen as its location in 1957. The first exhibition was officially opened two years later in the Radovljica Manor, with around 300 objects on display. The exhibition was supplemented and renovated in 1973, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Anton Janša. The next permanent exhibition was arranged in the year 2000 by the then curator, Ida Gnilšak. This exhibition was on view until autumn 2020.


The museum re-opens its doors to visits on Saturday 22nd May at 10am. Entry to the museum will be free on the day of opening.

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Living together. About bees and mankind.

With its modern exhibition, the Museum of Apiculture reveals the exceptional world of the Carniolan grey bee and Slovenian beekeeping. The exhibition brings together the legacy of world-famous beekeepers and reminds us of the importance of preserving bees and a healthy environment for them.

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