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Vurnik's Days 2023

01.06.2023 18:00

The Vurnik Days celebrations, starting on 1 June, will be accompanied by exhibitions and other events until the end of the month.

A number of events will take place this year to celebrate Vurnik's Days, which marks the birthday of the Slovenian architect Ivan Vurnik (1st June 1884).


Events calendar 2023:

  • Thursday 1st June at 6pm: Opening of Vurnik's Days, Linhart square
  • Thursday 1st June at 6pm: Awarding Vurnik's student awards, exhibition, announcement of the winners of student competition (Radovljica Manor from 1st – 30th June)
  • Friday 2nd June at 6pm: Vurnik's photographic competition, announcement of the winners and online exhibition of the photographic competition (lobby of the Radovljica Manor from 1st – 30th June)
  • Saturday 10th June at 5pm, Vurnik's film afternoon with workshop (youth 9+), Linhart Hall
  • Wednesday 14th June at 7pm: Vurnik's film evening, Linhart Hall
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday in June: Projection of Vurnik patterns, Vurnik square
  • All month (June):Vurnik's menu. Special offer at Hiša Linhart restaurant
  • Thursday, 14th September: Vurnik path, guided walk around the capital, applications: 


Organiser: Centre for Architecture, Slovenia


During a visit to Radovljica you can take an independent look at the work of the Radovljica-born architect Ivan Vurnik. You can take a stroll to:

  • Vurnik's birth house
  • Vila Savnik, which stands at the entrance to the medieval old town
  • Grajski dvor hotel
  • The Obla gorica swimming pool
  • The Vurnik and Vidic-Resman family tomb

Starting point for a tour of Radovljica:


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The architect's legacy in his birth place

Alongside Jože Plečnik and Maks Fabian, Ivan Vurnik is considered a pioneer of modern Slovenian architecture and the founder of urbanist architecture in Slovenia. A number of his works can be seen in his birth town of Radovljica.

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