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Guided ski hikes on the snow-covered Jelovica plateau

04.01.2023 12:26

A unique range of ski hikes on the snow-covered Jelovica plateau.

From the start of the new year, there is a new winter experience to add to the wide range of sports activities and experiences in Radovljica and the surroundings. Together with the local guide Mitja Kapus from the village of Kamna Gorica, on set dates you can set off on an organised one-day or three-day hiking ski tour on the snow-covered trails of the Jelovica plateau. The plateau is marked by its lack of habitation and idyllic landscape covered by spruce fir forest, which turn the experience into both a relaxing and recreational one at the same time. Carefree guided exploration of the orientationally-demanding plateau rewards participants with wonderful winter views of the mountain pastures and valley as well as the opportunity to savour the peace and fresh air.


In order to take part in the tour, a basic knowledge of cross-country skiing as well as a moderate level of fitness are desirable. Upon prior arrangement, it is also possible to adjust the tour and its level of difficulty.



We invite you to escape for a recreational experience in the embrace of the snow-covered, almost fairytale-like, spruce fir forest of Jelovica with the local guide Mitja Kapus. 

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